1/1/19 One Year Bible Recap

Happy New Year! Brock actually wanted to stay up to see the ball drop last night. I have never been so excited that New York was an hour ahead of us. I hope your New Year is filled with things that cause you to get to know the Lord more. I know that is not the traditional well wishes, but it is what I want for us all. So here we go into the word of God. Nothing causes life change more than this book.

I am reading the One Year Bible NLT. Published by Tyndale. It looks like this:


I have been debating for the last hour if I should include the scripture in this post. I have decided not to because I am really hoping you will go get your own bible, and I don’t want Tyndale to throw me in Copyright prison. So I am just going to give you the verse reference and we will go from there. You can google it if you don’t have a bible.

GENESIS 1:1—2:25

The book of Genesis, the beginning. Moses recorded the account of the creation of the world as relayed to him by God. God let us in on the secret because he has mercy and wanted us to know that He made it all. The account of the 6 days strikes me because I see God created it all with order and wisdom. It was not a chaotic scene, it was planned with precision. I remember reading this for the first time and wondering why He left out evolution. In the first pages of the bible God is already starting to challenge my thinking. Being raised in the secular school system I was taught that evolution was fact and not a theory. It was thought up by people who wanted to account for the creation of the world but keep God out of it. It was not until my first semester of bible school (sitting in Biblical Foundations) that my professor challenged my thinking. I believed God’s account and I believed in evolution. I figured there was some way they all lined up together. Our professor said, “This is how God said the world was created, you can believe Him or you can not believe Him.” My choice was to believe Him, because He is God.

Right after His account of creation we start to learn about who this God is that created everything. We see that he created man AND made a place for him to live. A place that was beautiful and abundant and lovely, and most importantly perfect. Up to this point everything God created was perfect. What I love about all this is God created man and did not drop him into a version of some horrible fend for yourself kind of world. He made a place, He was concerned for Adam and his wellbeing. This is a God who wants to know us.

And my last comment about this section, because I am trying to keep this short, is the word helper. Do any other ladies read that in this section and feel a prickling of their hackles? Adam needed a helper that was “just right for him?” I think being raised in the “I am woman hear me roar 1990’s” may have left a mark on me. God had to do a lot of convincing in my mind for me to be able to swallow “helper.” Here is where it started. I read this book called “By This Name” by John Cross. He pointed out that God took a rib from Adam’s side, not a bone out of his foot. This should signify that we stand side by side, not that we are helpers that are under Adam’s heal. Also, it says that they were naked and they felt no shame. What must that feel like? To stand in front of a mirror and not see fault and feel guilt and shame? It must be glorious, and the fact that I don’t feel that proves to me that something has gone wrong since Adam and Eve were in the garden.

MATTHEW 1:1—2:12

The “begats.” I’m going to be honest, I don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about who begat who. I know its important because God put it in the bible but I don’t feel the need to prove all the generations. If you do, bless you and use the begats in good health. I love how the timing of this works out. We just got through Christmas and here we are again reading through the story. We are learning of this Messiah who is being born and that it is big deal. This weekend at Church Issac Fox taught something so cool that I am still ruminating on it. He taught that everyone always focuses on Mary, the wise men and of course baby Jesus, but what about Joseph. The fact that he was obedient, did not cop out when the going got tough, and raised a baby that was not his is an example of simple obedience to what God asks us to do is really the most important things in our life.

PSALM 1:1-6

People who meditate on the Lord’s word day and night are like trees planted along a river bank. Well, that is the best encouragement for me to stay in God’s word.


The Proverbs were written to teach us about wisdom and discipline. They were also written to teach how to live disciplined, successful lives. Think of them as the play book for living on this earth.

Have a great day!