1/10/19 One year Bible Recap

Good morning! Let’s get straight to it!

Genesis 23:1—24:51

Death is a major theme in the book of Genesis. We not only see how people morn for Sarah, but we also see Abraham’s acknowledgement that the land of Canaan is now his homeland. The purchase of the cave is important because people only buried their relatives in their homeland. Abraham is cool burying Sarah among the Hitties but is totally not cool with Isaac marrying one. Why is that?

Well I think this is the start of Lord teaching the Israelites (remember that is who Moses is writing this to) that you are who you marry, and not in a good way. The hope that so many people have of “If we get married he will become a better person,” is a lie. You will always get pulled down by someone who does not have the same values as you have. You have to both believe in God, and both be reaching up to Him to grow in your knowledge of Him and become wise. Abraham knows that if Isaac marries a Hittite who does not believe in God, the likelihood of Isaac turning from the Lord is high. (Laycie, Sydney, Brock—I’m looking at you!!! Make good choices!!)

God then shows us what it looks like when he “goes before us.” I hope you have had that experience where things work out in way that leaves you say, “God was here first.”

Matthew 8: 1-17

Leprosy had only been healed one other time in the bible. That was in the OT with Miriam. (She was punished with it, and God healed her when her punishment was over.) Jesus is about to start teaching us who he really is. Healing leprosy is a hallmark of God. (Spoiler alert: Jesus is God!)

The Roman officer clearly sees that Jesus has some sort of authority. I’m not really even sure he understood who Jesus was or what He was doing, but he knew that this Man had the authority to heal people. It is a beautiful example of faith. And Jesus sticks it to Pharisees one more time by saying that the very people he came to present the Kingdom of God to, don’t have faith like this Roman officer.

The first time I read this next section I was like, “Oh Jesus was hungry and needed a women to make him food. So he heals this poor lady and makes here get up and make dinner.” Thank you Lord that you forgive my awful thoughts about you because that thinking does not line up with Jesus’ character. Believe it or not God is NOT misogynistic or chauvinistic. What He is doing here is showing His power to heal. This woman has a fever and He simply touches her had and heals her. But instead of leaving her there to recover and rebuild her strength on her own after her illness He restores her strength to the point that she can get up and make food. That is power to heal!!!

Next He shows that he has the power to cast out demon and evil spirts. These are all signs for the Pharisee’s that something new is going on here. He is making it really clear that He has the power to cleanse, heal, and restore. (All the praise hands)

Psalm 9: 13-20

Reading the Psalms is like learning the language of how to talk about and to God. I love to see how David reminds himself of who God is and what He has done for David.

Proverbs 3: 1-6

What a contrast this Proverb is to what is going on on Social Media now days. Kindness and loyalty are what believers in God are called to. Does your social media reflect kindness and loyalty? Also do not depend on your own understanding, trust the Lord instead! This reminds me to stop trying to fix things, change things and solve things with my own understanding. He gives us these principles to put in place so that we can take the right path.