1/11/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 24:52—26:16

The coolest thing about the OT is all the promises God makes can traced through the pages and stories. We see the fulfillment of specific things God says and this causes us to be in awe and TRUST him because He does what He does what He says He is going to do. He says that His promises to Abraham will be continued through Isaac, and we see that confirmed in this section. He says that Ismael is going to be a wild donkey man and that he will fight with all his relatives, and that is confirmed in this section. He says that Jacob will actually be recognized as first born and that is confirmed in this section. He is so faithful!

Jacob’s character is revealed to us in that he seems to have a flare for deception. He tricks his brother into giving him his birthright. (Something that God promised, but Jacob wanted to secure for himself without waiting on God) And then we have deja vu because here we go again with “She is my sister.” We are going on a journey with Jacob. God is going to prove to Jacob who He is, and Jacob is going to learn about what faith looks like.

Matthew 8: 18-34

Just like God is going to have to show Jacob who He really is, Jesus has to show the people who are following Him who He really is. I loved this section because He is methodically checking off all the attributes of God.

*Jesus tells us He is not of “this world.” His home is in heaven. (God is the creator of Earth)

*Jesus says that following Him into eternal life is more important than family obligations. (God is eternal)

*Jesus has the power to calm the wind and waves. (God is sovereign)

*Jesus has power of over demons and even the demons know He is the son of God. (God is more powerful than Satan)

His power scares the town and they ask Him to go away. This left me so sad this morning! I’m like “He just cast out demons for ya’ll, why are you sending Him away?” But I was reminded, how many times do I choose the ordinary because the extraordinary is scary? (A lot)

Psalm 10: 1-15

Did anyone else know we could pray for vengeance on our enemies? I’m thinking this is not what Jesus meant when He says, “Pray for your enemies!” But I could be wrong. I think the point is that David knows the Lord has to intervene to deal with these enemies he is trying to fight.

Proverbs 3: 7-8

There is no more life sucking force than pride (being impressed with yourself). Ask me how I know!!

Have a great day!