1/12/19 One Year Bible Recap

We are not doing great around here today. The most vicious stomach bug I have seen in awhile has entered our house. Patient 0 is Sydney. Bless her heart. She is so sick. I was supposed to go to a Dave Ramsey Conference today but as we all know with the stomach bug, I am in the grey area of time where I am waiting to see what the breadth and width of this thing is going to be and who is going down next…… Alas Dave, we are two ships crossing in the night.

Genesis 26: 17—27: 46

As I read this story today I am just so overwhelmed by this theme of God promising to give us something and instead of waiting for it to be placed in our hands, we reach up and grab it. This very American idea of “Just do it!” started all the way back in the OT. This is not a new concept for me either. Reaching for things that are not mine to have is an over arching theme in my life. Over stepping bounds is another favorite of mine. Let’s remember that God has already told Rebekah and Isaac that Jacob would be the one he carries out His promise to Abraham through. And then we see Abraham and Sarah’s mindset of “lets help God along with these promises,” repeated. Isaac is guilty of trying to bless Esau to get a good meal out of it. Rebekah employ’s deception to secure the blessing for Jacob. Jacob deceives his father several times. Esau begs his father for a second blessing. It is an example of what lack of faith looks like.

Matthew 9:1-17

I just love Jesus. The pharisee’s are shocked that He thinks He has the right to forgive sin because only God can forgive sin. He just so calmly says, “You don’t like that? Watch this! Get up and walk!” He is continuing to reveal his true identity to the people. He has now proven that He can forgive sin, another thing only God can do.

Jesus shocks the Pharisee’s even more when he calls a tax collector to be a disciple and eats with him. These are blatant actions by Jesus to go up against the teaching of the day. Desperate to get control the Pharisees say, “Why don’t you fast?” Jesus really socks it to them now by teaching them that the New has come and the old is out. You cannot mix old and new, that would be silly. You have to go with the New. Fasting is the old way of the Pharisee’s to prove their holiness, feasting with Jesus is the way to New life.

Psalm 10: 16-18

David ends the Psalm we started to read yesterday with reminder of God’s character.

Proverbs 3: 9-10

One of the many Proverbs about money. God knew money would make us nuts, so he tells us how to handle it. First He tells us here that you have to honor the Lord with your wealth. That means if you look at my budget you would see that I believe in the Lord. Second, the best part of everything goes to Him. Don’t miss that! Our sinfulness says, “After I pay all my bills, I will give to the Lord.” That does not fly with Him. Turn your budget upside down, as my good friend Dave Ramsey says. If you are in a position where you can’t give because your bills are more than you income—you are living beyond your means. Sorry, that was direct, but I have been there, it is no way to live. When you interact with money the way He says to you never feel like you need more.