1/13/19 One Year Bible Recap

My mind is blown by the reading today! I know I say that every time, but it really is! God is so good and is always teaching us who He is, and how much He loves us. Lets jump in!

Genesis 28:1—29:35

Our key players in the story seem to be remembering what God has already told them in our little situation here with Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Esau. Isaac gives Jacob the right blessing and tells him to take off! God teaches Jacob on his journey about who He is and what He is going to do through Jacob. He shows him the stairway to heaven to cause him to be in awe, reaffirms the Abrahamic Covenant, and then also promises to be with him wherever he goes, and that He won’t leave until He gives him everything He promised to give. It is so great that He teaches him this because Jacob is about to reap what he sowed.

Did you ever know you were not supposed to do something like say….deceive people, but that lesson did not really sink in until you were deceived. I think that God had to tell Jacob He was always going to be with him because God was about to discipline some of this deceptiveness out of Jacob. I was really blown away when I read the Proverb for today! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

And then in God’s kindness, because Leah was part of Jacobs school of hard knocks, he blesses her with sons. I just love how He is always showing His character.

Matthew 9: 18-38

Jesus is continuing to show us who He really is. Today He shows us that He has the power over death (leaders daughter), sickness (bleeding woman), darkness (blind men), and demons (again). One of my favorite stories in the whole bible is that this woman who has been bleeding for twelve years reaches out in faith and Jesus heals her. Also she was ceremonial unclean so she could not go to the temple or participate in any jewish activities. Her uncleanness must have made her lonely, but when Jesus turns to see her He calls her daughter—instantly calling her clean and making her part of the family.

Psalm 11: 1-7

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I watch the news I feel like we are headed for another civil war. When I read this Psalm this morning it brought me so much peace. I am reminded that the US government is not God. The Lord is my protection. He is ruling from his temple in heaven and is watching everyone. The foundations of law and order have collapsed, but God cannot be shaken.

Proverbs 3: 11-12

My nemesis—discipline. Somewhere along the way discipline turned into rejection in my head. But here we are confronted with the fact that discipline is a good thing. We are being corrected because God loves us. The story of Jacob so perfectly displays that! He loves Jacob, tells him He will be with him always, but disciplines him to get him to grown into a mature man of God. The discipline is the same for us. My prayer is that when I am corrected I stop turning it into rejection. I told you before that my friend Laura always says that, “correction is not rejection!” This verse proves that!!