1/14/19 One Year Bible Recap

The tiny dictator that lives here decided his mother did not need any sleep last night, and that Auntie Crazy needed to get up 4:30 (this was when the screaming was loud enough that I figured I better go see what was up). My only encouragement for Laycie as she headed out the door for work at 6:30 was, “You will be amazed at what you can do with no sleep!” Patient 0 is all better and lamenting the fact that she is 48 hours past her last episode in time to miss NO school.

Also, how come no one told me I started dating this thing 9/__/19? I went back and fixed that because it is not September it is January. I guess early in the morning I don’t really pay attention to dates?

Genesis 30: 1—31: 16

Anybody else encouraged by the characters in this story and there lack of, shall we say, desire to live in a godly way? I think people get so afraid to read the bible because they think they are going to be met with character after character who is perfect and does everything perfectly—that is not the case. Our Pastor always tells us when you are reading the OT you have to look for God and don’t focus on the sinful characters. The OT is there to teach us about who God is and what He is doing. In this story we encounter the same sinful “circumstance fixing” thinking. Rachel is fit to be tied that Leah is having babies. Leah just wants Jacob to respect the fact that she has giving him all these sons. Each woman throws her maid into the mess too! God is still working out His plan to make Jacob the father of His chosen nation (Israel) despite the women’s scheming sinful plans. This is a good reminder to me that God will work His plan no matter if I fall into sin or not. It does not trip Him up.

We see God make Jacob prosperous. And we see that He was faithful. He told Jacob in Bethel that He would be with him until He gave him everything He promised to give him. Well there God was, working to prosper Jacob. And now, since He has proven Himself faithful, and Jacob has put his faith in God, He says it’s time for Jacob to go home.

Matthew 10: 1-23

Jesus gives His apostles the authority to cast out demons and heal people. This was to authenticate their message as they traveled around. It was Jesus’ sign to people that these men were not false teachers but were His real deal apostles. Ok, I am sorry but I am going totally nerd out here for a second. He tells them not to go to the Gentile or the Samaritans (half Jews). Why? Well remember how in the OT we are following along with God’s promise that He is going to fix what got broken in the garden? As we continue to follow the promises we will find out that God is going to offer this Kingdom complete with The Savior to Israel, all they had to do was wait and watch for Him. All through the OT God is teaching Israel who this Savior is, how He will come, when He will come and what signs will authenticate Him. This explains why Jesus says don’t go to the Gentiles or Samaritans yet. God in His goodness is showing how faithful He is and we will watch Him offer the Kingdom complete with Savior to the nation of Israel, just like He promised He would do in the pages of the OT. GOD IS FAITHFUL!!!!!

Psalm 12: 1-8

I was impressed with the fact that this Psalm could totally have been written today?

Proverb 3: 13-15

I feel like God is really trying to get our attention and prove to us that wisdom is really what we should desire. This must be because He knows that we will be so tempted to be unwise, self serving, selfish and dumb.

Have a great day!