1/15/19 One Year Bible Recap

I’m tired enough that I feel like it should be Friday, and it is only Tuesday. How is that for a beginning? We better jump into the Word because I am dangerously close to titling this “I should do the bible recap but I went back to bed and watched Netflix.”

Genesis 31:17—32:12

Deception is a repeated theme in our story today. Jacob steals away in the night (not really at night, I added that for effect), Rachel stole her fathers idols, Laban pretends he chased them down because he is a loving father and grandfather, and Rachel hides the idols and says she is on her period so her father won’t find them. Amongst, the deception we see God working out His promise to protect Jacob. Look at the chaos that is created by deception. Our need to hid what we are doing to get our way will result in chaos every time. You may not have a crazy uncle chasing you down in the desert but you will have drama. God is the God of order, when we use the tools He gives us freely, like wisdom, peace and order will be the result.

Rachel taking the idol strikes me as the same kind of “holding on to the past” move as Lot’s wife looking back at Sodom. I mean I don’t know why she took it really. It could be just to make her relatives mad. It could be because it really completed her middle eastern rustic tent-house vibe she was going for. But I can’t help but think she was like, “I’m just going to cover all the bases and make sure we appease all the gods.” We have to remember what God has already taught us, “In the beginning God created…” There are no other god’s, just the One God. He has taught us already through Cain and Able, Noah and Sarah and Abraham that you have the freedom to do things your way, but the only way to be Right with God is to do things His way. Remember, Moses is writing this to instruct the nation of Israel. Guess what Israel is really going to have a problem with?

Matthew 10:24—11:6

I don’t know about you but fear of rejection, pain, and death are the prime reasons I do not “shout from the housetops” about Jesus. I just love how he says, “Look they are going to do all these things to me and I am the boss, get ready for the same treatment.” I won’t say too much, but a certain dude that I am married to was shocked when he found out for the first time that suffering is included, can be counted on and should be expected in the Christian life. I too was shocked when I got saved and was then suddenly rejected by my friends. (To be fair I was a F. R. E. A. K. when I first got saved) I love the reminder that we are so valuable to God we don’t need to be afraid, no one can touch our soul but God.

And here we go, Jesus is going to start teaching us that His ways are different from our ways. My whole life I have just wanted peace. I wanted things to be sure, unchanging and normal. If I can testify to anything it will be that life with Jesus will NOT BE NORMAL. He tells us right here that He came on purpose to upset the apple cart so to speak. He says if you cling to your life (what you want, what you expected, what you ask for) you will lose it. BUT IF YOU GIVE IT UP YOU WILL GAIN LIFE (real life, eternal, abundant, thriving).

Psalm 13: 1-6

True story: When I journaled this morning I tried to write out my feelings as boldly as David does in the Psalms. I said, “How long will I be tired like this Lord, How long will you look the other way.” I was over come with laughter because I immediately thought of Jesus up in heaven, ya know, holding the world together, working out the plan to restore perfection and being the savior of everyone. I pictured me saying all this to Him and Him looking at me with a face like, “are you for real right now?” I am sorry for being a cry baby Lord. (PS. David was being pursed by actual real armies. He gets to cry out like that, and I will too if I am being chased by an army.)

Proverbs 3: 16-18

I don’t really know what else to say about wisdom except that it is in here so much and is being so thoroughly covered that we should bet on the fact that acting wisely is not our natural state of being. Lots of teaching on a topic is a sign that we need lots of instruction on it.

Have a great day.