1/20/19 One Year Bible Recap

EEEKKKK! I did not leave myself enough time to do everything I am supposed to do to get ready for church and write this. The wheels are coming off my wagon!! This really is going to be short and sweet!

Genesis 41: 17—42: 17

Remember yesterday when we saw that God would give a long term prophecy and a short term prophecy to legitimize His message? Well we get all sorts of fulfillment today. We read that Pharaoh’s dream of the 7 years of abundance comes true. And just like in his dream it is followed but such a sever famine that people from all over the world are coming to Jacob. Including his big brothers. I am tickled that he jacked with them a bit. I mean I know vengeance belongs to the Lord but I love that he had the chance to make them sweat a bit. And in this Jacob remembers his dream of the 11 stars bowing down, another fulfillment. God is proving His faithfulness.

Also about Jacob’s character. This exile in Egypt is God ordained. God put him there and prospered him. However Jacob did not forget who God was. When his children were born he gave them Hebrew names. He always gave God the credit for his success. This is important because we are going to see a theme develop later in the OT of people leaving the Promised Land and it disregarding God when they do. Jacob did not do that when God placed him in Egypt.

Matthew 13: 24-46

I love parables. Did I mention that yesterday. I mean you read these in the morning and they just sit in your brain all day. I see them play out in the world around me. They do what they are supposed to do, teach me the Truth about God. There is so much truth in the reading today. I am going to let it marinade in my brain and let God do what He does, teach me.

Psalm 18: 1-15

I love that David wrote this after being at war with Saul. This should be our response when God saves us from our enemies. It is full of truth about God’s character and David’s dependence on Him. I think when we overcome something it is possible that we start to think highly of our own strength and this is a great reminder that it is not our strength but His.

Proverbs 4: 1-6

Gosh I went right to teenage eye roll mode when I read this today. “Like, I know God, do you ever talk about anything but wisdom?” I am sorry Lord, develop in me good judgement so am not a bratty teenager in my mind when you say, “don’t turn away from my instructions.” I love you Lord.

Have a good day!