1/21/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 42: 18—43: 34

“Clearly we are being punished because of what we did to Joseph long ago. We saw his anguish when he pleaded for his life, but we wouldn’t listen. That’s why we’re in this trouble.” Yes brothers, yes you are. I love this because as we follow the story for the first time we have some self reflection. These brothers are growing. God is preparing them because he is about to move this family to Egypt and He needs to prepare their faith for a sojourn in the foreign land. Reaping and sowing is a theme that God will develop in this bigger story. It is how we grow and learn. Praise God.

Also, Joseph’s response when he sees his younger brother is so heart warming. It proves to us that in the midst of everything that could cause us to be hard hearted, people who are close to the Lord will remain soft hearted. I just love it.

Matthew 13: 47—14: 12

The end of the world. It is coming and Jesus teaches us what it will be like. Our Pastor Doug always says that prepared people are not scared people. If I fear the end of the world it is only because I don’t know the over arching story here. Jesus is teaching his disciples what it will be like.

I am trying to read the story as if I have never read it before. But the part where He asks them, “Do you understand all these things? “ and they say, “Yes!” I want to yell, NO!! No, you don’t! They don’t understand that Jesus is about to get rejected by Israel and that He will institute a new program called the Church age. They don’t know that He will die and come back. They don’t understand any of this but it is all part of the process. It is how He works with us. He works in the parameters in which we understand and then pushes us to greater understanding the more we walk with Him. You don’t have to know it all right now. He is such a kind Savior.

When Jesus goes back to his hometown we start to see this very rejection taking place. We should start watching for this now as we move through the story. And a word on Herod—eww. Dirty old man watching this young girl dance. I love that John’s friends came and honored John with a proper burial.

Psalm 18: 16—36

Gah! I couldn’t get over the first line in the Psalm today. “He reached down from heaven and rescued me.” He did this for us. We could not save ourselves and He reached down to do it. Praise God!

Proverbs 4: 7

I was reminded this morning that Solomon wrote these proverbs that we are going through. He has done life both ways, wisely and foolishly, as we will read in Ecclesiastes. So if he has done both and is encouraging us to choose wisdom we can trust that wisdom really is the best choice. It also just so happens that I find myself tempted to act foolishly right now, and am encouraged to choose wisdom. So, yes, we do need to go over wisdom again and again because our flesh will want to choose folly!

Have a great day!