1/2/19 One Year Bible Recap

Good Morning! After re-reading what I wrote yesterday I see that my problem is going to be making this blurb not an essay. So to get right to it…

Genesis 3: 1—4:26

Every good story has to have an antagonist. We are being introduced to ours here, meet Satan. We are about to have our major conflict for the story. (FYI: The bible is one large story called a meta-narrative, I did not know that until a few years ago.) (In the one year bible we are reading the beginning, the middle and the end all at the same time, I’ll do my best to clarify as we go) Satan comes in and causes Eve to question God’s word, he casts doubt on Gods word, and then he substitutes his truth for Gods. Guess what? He does that very same thing to us today. Because she believed Satan, Eve takes the fruit, eats it, gives it to Adam, he eats it and suddenly they know they are naked and they feel ashamed of themselves, something they had never felt before. Then the most epic blame game of all time is played, and in the end we all lose because what we are left with, no matter who wins the blame game is sin that causes death. (Separation from God) In the next verses we have the major theme developed for the rest of the story: Man has incurred sin debt, God will fix it. His first promise to fix this problem we have is in 3:15—He will strike your head and you will strike His heel. He is referring to what Jesus will eventually do to Satan. Spoiler alert—Jesus wins. The next verses show us that another theme is developing, humans coming to God they way they want to. (religion) Adam and Eve fix themselves by covering themselves with fig leaves. That is not the right covering so God kills an animal (Sin=Death) and makes them clothes. Cain brings God what he thinks is a good offering, God deny’s him and accepts Able’s because he brought a death sacrifice. (Sin=Death) God taught them that sin atonement requires something to die. You can only be right with God, God’s way, you don’t get to make up your own way. Don’t like that? Take it up with God, He’ll convince you He is God and knows what He is doing. Moving on, although you could write thousands of books about the passages we just read.

Matthew 2:13—3:6

Matthew is writing this gospel to the Jews of the time. He is trying to encourage them (because they just crucified the Messiah) and prove to them that Jesus is the Messiah that was promised all those years ago, all the way back to Genesis 3:15, as it were. He is relating the historical events and pointing the Jews back to what had been prophesied. This is why it is so important to look at the Old and New Testament as one congruent story! So in the passages for today he shows three prophecies have come true. The killing of the children, the fact that Jesus was a Nazarene, and John the baptist. PS: John the baptist might be my favorite bible character. Locust, Honey, burlap, and yelling in the wilderness? Yaaassss, Queen.

Psalm 2: 1-12

Reading the first line really made me think. Why ARE the nations so angry? Oh yeah, right because everyone is trying to get out of the “slavery” that God puts on us. Except that is another lie by Satan because God is not slavery, God is freedom. Satan is the slave driver. That’s right Satan, you can “at me all day” (as the young people say) YOU ARE A SLAVE DRIVER!!!! I love here how it tells us that God is in heaven scoffing at the silliness going on all around us. People saying there is no God, that we believers are all just a bunch of jokes. He is cool and collected just working His plan. He warns us though…..Now then you kings, act wisely! He warns us to submit to Him or we will suffer his wrath. But look at this cool thing! See how it says “act wisely? Well keep reading….

Proverbs 1: 7-9

In the Psalm just before this I read “act wisely!” Well what does wise mean? How do I know if I am being wise? Check out the first line of this Proverb! “Fear (being reverent and worshipful) of the Lord is the foundation (beginning, principle and choice part) of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. I think we can all agree that the precursor to wisdom is knowledge. But hold on!! (nerd alert!) This same phrase is repeated in Psalm 111:10, except knowledge is replaced with Wisdom (capital W refers to wisdom that comes to us from the Lord!!!!) So worshiping God reverently is the beginning of wisdom. You cannot have Wisdom without acknowledging that God is God. So to act wisely, as the Psalm from the reading today asks us to do, we have to acknowledge God is God! The warning for me is that if I am listening to or doing things like someone who does not acknowledge God as God, I’m acting like a fool who despises wisdom and discipline.

Go be wise today!