1/3/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 5:1—7:24

The passage today starts out with the genealogy of Seth to Noah. This is important because God is starting to teach us about the whole sin=death thing. I can’t take credit for noticing this. I picked up my Bible Knowledge Commentary to consult it about the upcoming passage about giants and saw this. I am blow away. God teaches us that no matter what these people in the genealogy did during their life, in the end they died. “He died” is repeated 8 times in this chapter. Everyone dies., except for Enoch. He had a close fellowship with the Lord so the Lord spared him from death and just took him. In Chapter 5 of the bible God is already teaching us how to get life. I am amazed.

Next we see that the human race has become corrupt. The BKC says that “sons of God” refers to lusty men who wanted sex and power. Sons of God, took as many women as they wanted. The result of these unions where giants, heroes and warriors of the time. They were probably under the control of Satan. In any case, the Lord says, “My Spirit will not put up with them for such a long time, they are only mortal flesh.” This is to clear up any confusion about if these ancients were divine or gods themselves. Humans would make the mistake of assuming anyone with giant qualities, power or a long life span was divine. He is making it clear that these humans are just that, human. Other than their ability to sin, there is not much special about them right now. We have also discovered the quote of the day: “My Spirit will not put with you,” will be used around this house today for sure when I get tired of hearing the one sided Fortnite conversations/yelling.

Then the story of Noah and the flood. Because I really am trying to keep this short I just want to say that I am blown away again because just like with Enoch God is teaching us about how to receive life. He is differentiating between “right with God” and “not right with God.” Noah walked in close fellowship with God, he was spared from the flood. The people of earth were characterized by wickedness and violence and they were not spared.

Matthew 3:7—4:11

Our introduction to the Pharisee’s and Sadducees. These were religious groups that put faith in their ability to be righteous from following the rules or because of their lineage. They will make appearances all through the gospels. John declares that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and then The King shows up to get baptized. He did not request baptism because he had any sin to repent for, He did it to teach us who He is. When He comes up out of the water He gets an amazing display of approval from Heaven. How amazing that must have been. Then we move on to the time Jesus spent in the desert. Satan tempts Jesus to prove who He really is. He say’s “You are so hungry! IF you are the son of God, make food for yourself!” He say’s “IF you are the son of God, jump off this temple and really make these people ooo and ahh over the fact that angles will catch you.” He say’s “You are the Son of God right? So don’t you want all the world to be yours? I will give it all to you right now, you can skip the crucifixion, if you bow down and worship me.” Jesus says no to each temptation by quoting scripture back at Satan. (A good reason to know the Word of God, he is teaching us that combating Satan requires knowing the word of God.) He does not grab for power, He remains obedient to God. And another thing, Satan will ALWAYS ask you to prove yourself, Jesus ALWAYS says you are already approved.

Psalm 3: 1-8

My take away from this Psalm is the focus on God’s character. You are a shield, You are my glory, You answer my prayers, You are watching over me, You are my rescue, and You are my victory. I love you Lord, thank you for being all those things for me.

Proverbs 1: 10-19

What a great picture of “you are who you hang out with.” This should be stenciled on every high schoolers mirror. Gosh, it is so fun to run with the wrong crowd until you find out you are trapped. Can I get an amen? Also, I have been the person greedy for money. I never had enough and everything I did was about getting more. It took God taking away all of our money to teach me to be thankful for what is in my bank account and to not want more. When life becomes about making more money, you end up having no life.

Have a great day! 😘

PS: Some of you may be like me and not understand where Satan came from. Up to this point in the OT we only know that God had created him. Satan was the most beautiful and brilliant of all the angels. He got puffed up and decided that he wanted to be God. His punishment for his pride was that he was cast down to earth with about 1/3 of the angels who followed him. He was given power over the earth, so that is why we see people in the OT and NT being under his, or his demons control. God will teach us all of that as we go on, but if you were wondering, there you go.