1/5/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 11:1—13:4

The tower of Babel is responsible for me having to take 4 foreign languages in school. So thanks for the “Alouette” french song that still gets stuck in my head. Also, where was my counselor that should have said, “Hey you live in Texas, Spanish might be a better option then french?” Anyway my take away from the Tower of Babel story is that God shows us mercy when He tells us to do something and we run 100 mph in the wrong direction. If He did not intervene these people would have had a really tall tower, but no relationship with God. He steps in to shake things up (see what I did there) and causes people to rely on Him.

We are introduced to Abram in the next story. This story will leave us feeling like we are having deja vu when we get to Moses and the plagues, but also I see a relationship developing here. God tells Abram to leave his country, and also tells him who He is and what He is going to do for Abram. Abram does what God says based on His promises….BOOM! Here is an example of faith. Abram is obedient to God, the obedience leads to God proving Himself trustworthy to Abram, which causes Abram to worship. However, their comes a point where Abram’s trust waivers, and he does not put his faith in God, he relies on his own plan. God, just like He did at Babel, shakes things up to get Abram to trust Him again. All of that causes Abram to worship again! This faith test in this story feels like it is repeated a million times in my life. (I mean not the specific details because I don’t interact with Pharaoh on a daily basis and I’m not trying to pawn Jesse off as my brother.)

Matthew 5: 1-26

The beatitudes. Super hard to say, but makes you sound super smart, unless you say it wrong then you look dumb. Jesus is starting to teach us what your life looks like when you have a right relationship with God. Jesus is teaching this amidst a culture of Pharisaical thinking. The Pharisees thought that as long as they did all The Law on the outside, they were right with God and superior to everyone else. He affirms that He is not something different from The Law of the OT, but He is in fact what The Law and the prophets have all been pointing to. Then He hits the Pharisees hard and tells them that relationships are more important than any religious act. This informs me that if I am sitting here writing this blog post about God, but I am a total “B” to Jesse, I better close the laptop and go make things right with him. That is more important to God than any “offering.”

Psalm 5: 1-12

I get hung up sometimes on thinking life with God is like a yellow brick road. If I step off the road I am lost and outside of His plan for me. Today I read “Lead me in the right path, O Lord, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow,” and the first thing that pops in my head is that yellow brick road. But then I remember reading about Abram entering into a relationship with God and Jesus teaching the people how to live in a right relationship with God and it hits me—He IS leading me to the right path and making it plain for me to follow. The right path is being obedient to him and making it plain is His word. AARRRGGGG! Its all right there! It is not some yellow brick road I have to divine how to follow. He spells it out for me plain as day! I just have to be obedient to Him and read His word. PTL!!! ALL THE PRAISE HANDS!!!!

Proverbs 1: 24-28

That word “correction” makes me cringe. I hate correction. My friend Laura always tells me that ”correction is not rejection.” But man does it feel that way in the moment. Probably because I run so hard to avoid correction that it bursts my ego when someone says I did something wrong. People can say 100 nice things to me and one person will say something corrective and I am a puddle on the floor. (Enneagram 3, for those of you wondering) But in here Wisdom reminds us that correction is necessary to become wise. So it is worth trying to be ok with correction.

Have a great day. 😘