1/7/19 One Year Bible Recap

Well party people, we have made it a week! Keep going!! If you are behind, don’t sweat it! Just catch up, skip ahead, or plow through your bible. Do what ever it takes to stay in God’s word. Don’t give up! You can do this and the time you put in will ALWAYS BE FOR YOUR GOOD!

Genesis 16:1—18:15

Ishmael, the wild donkey man product of Sarai and Abram’s wavering trust in God. A good reminder to us that if we think God has forgotten us or is waiting for us to come up with a solution, HE IS NOT!!!! In an olympic level blame game Sarai comes up with this plan and then when it goes bad because Hagar gets chippy, she blames Abram. Abram is just trying to keep the peace so he goes along with it and tells her to do what she wants. Now, for sure, I am not going to tell Abram how to be a husband, but Adam stood by and let Eve do what she wanted and that ended in the fall of all mankind. Also, sisters, if our plan goes wrong, we can’t blame shift. Own it. It is the most bitter pill I ever have to swallow but it makes me learn to listen more instead of plan. Later in the passage Sarai (now Sarah) laughs at God’s plan. He calls her out and she deny’s laughing. Isn’t it crazy that her plan goes wrong and yet she can laugh at God’s plan? I am so glad I am never that self-deceived. (Except that I totally am!)

Now we are getting some guide lines surrounding this Covenant between God and Abram. These are important because knowing what the rules are for the time period helps us interpret the bible correctly. You are watching for a promise from God, responsibilities for man, and a sign to mark that a covenant was made. Here God says He is going to make Abram the father of a multitude of nations, and giving Abram’s descendants’ the land of Canaan (The Promised Land). This is such a big deal that God changes Abrams name to really show people that something different is going on here. The sign for this covenant is circumcision. This sign is so full of purpose and imagery. I am not up to laying it all out for you. Google it. WAIT, DON’T GOOGLE IT. Look it up in a bible commentary book.

Matthew 6:1-24

I’m going to go more personal with this section. I have to confess that I am like these Pharisees (hypocrites) that Jesus is talking about. I like to have people see me doing charitable things. I like to look super spiritual. I like to be known as a super Christian. But God, in his kindness to me, rescued me from this puffed up thinking. Doing things for the approval of man leads to having that eye that fills the whole body with darkness. God is teaching me what I like to call, Middlemarch. It is doing things with no hope of anyone but me and God knowing. Whats more, it’s believing God’s approval is worth more than any person’s approval. God is right, you cannot serve two masters.

Psalm 7: 1-17

These Psalms help me get out of my head knowledge and get in touch with my heart level desires. I love how David reminds us that God is our shield and an honest judge.

Proverbs 2:15

Wisdom will not fall into your lap. You know what falls into your lap? Complacency. There are verbs in this proverb. Do-ers of the world unite! Tune, concentrate, cry, ask, search, and seek WISDOM! You will find her, don’t forget she is out in the open to find.