1/9/19 One Year Bible Recap

Man, it was hard to get this out today. It is stating to cost me something to keep this up. But you know what? It is so worth it because putting the time in the word has made my relationship with God become fresh and exciting again. I am thinking, talking and enjoying time with Him and it fills me up.

Genesis 20:1—22:24

“She is my sister…” This is how Abraham copes with stressful situations—He tells people his wife is sister. Then he gets called out on it and minimizes the lie by saying, “Well we do have the same dad, so technically it was not a lie……” But we know God was not ok with this because people had to be healed, retribution had to be made and in the end Abraham’s character is sullied. Later in the text Abimelech makes Abraham promise to not be deceptive. This is not a quality the should characterize people of God.

Wild donkey man Ishmael has come into his own. God knows its time to turn this wild donkey loose to fulfil the life God told Hagar he was going to have. The scene in Chapter 16 is repeated but with a few important differences. When Sarah tells Abraham, “I won’t have it!” Abraham consults God instead of just listening to her. Hagar is sent away with food and water instead of acting on her emotion and running away. We see God in his kindness is protecting Isaac, and caring for Ishmael in the desert! (this summation brought to you by my friend Ashley who texted me this morning to say “Is anyone else seeing in Genesis all the ways that God is kind and gentle?” Which helped me see the point to this passage and not get lost in the details.)

God, who is always teaching us, starts to instruct us on faith in Him, obedience and that He will provide the Lamb (spoiler alert! It’s Jesus!). Remember too that Moses is writing this to the Israelites who were surrounded by cultures that thought that you to appease the God’s you had to sacrifice your kids. He is showing them that, yes blood is required but it has to be the way God teaches us. Atonement can only be made God’s way.

Matthew 7:15—29

If someone writes a blog about God and tells you all the things He is teaching her and doing in her life, but you meet that person in real life and see that her life does not line up with the word of God(she finds joy in immorality, greed, deception, lies, and general debauchery), she would be a false teacher. Nothing strikes more fear in my heart or a greater desire to grow in the Lord so that my life reflects my relationship with Him. He warns us that many will say they knew him but He will know the people who actually listen to His teaching. We are looking for good trees that produce good fruit.

Psalm 9:1-12

When I go through affliction I pray my response is like the Psalmist’s. He will tell everyone what God did. In a way this encourages me to keep writing because I feel like that is exactly what I am writing about, the things that God has done. Maybe this Psalm should be the mission statement of the blog???

Proverbs 2: 16-22

As women, we have to square with the fact that our promiscuity can take men down. A relationship started in seduction leads to the grave(death). We have to stop objectifying ourselves, and give men more credit than being flesh craving neanderthals. Guys that you lure in with your physicality are low lying fruit. You want to reach higher for a guy who is pursing your heart and mind not your ____. (I physically could not finish that sentence but you know what I mean)

Have a great day!