1/22/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 44:1—45:28

I am just so overwhelmed by how good God is. That in this family who were once characterized by their deception He still protects, promotes and uses them to move His story along. He really loves us just exactly where we are. The obvious care of their needs is written all over the page. But the smaller less obvious things that He did for them overwhelms me. He changed the brothers’ hearts so they were over joyed that Jospeh was alive. He brought Joseph back from the dead, so to speak, for Jacob. He prepared a way for the family to not just survive the famine but to thrive in it. And He cultivated a relationship with Joseph so that when he came face to face with his brothers he did not have them beheaded, he blessed them and pointed them to the Goodness of God. Only God can work out family drama like that.

Matthew 14: 13—36

Oh what a Savior, isn’t He wonderful, sing Hallelujah, Christ is risen! I can’t get that lyric out of my head from O Come to the Altar by Elevation Worship. It is all I can sing after reading today’s passage. We see His beautiful humanity in this passage where He just wants to be alone so He can commune with God, but the needy crowd follows Him. He provides for them and in so doing teaches the disciples that He is powerful enough to meet the needs of the people without them figuring out how to buy food for 5000.

In what had to be the most glorious seen He meets the disciples in their fear in the midst of the waves. He tells them “Don’t be afraid, take courage. I am here!” Peter tests Jesus and then gets tested. But Jesus did not let him sink, He IMMEDIATELY reached out His had when Peter yells, “Save me!” This image of Jesus reaching out His hand to me has brought me such comfort today. I am facing a task that I do not feel up to today and Jesus is reaching out his hand saying, “Why do you doubt me?” Oh what a Savior!

Psalms 18: 37—50

We have followed David’s thoughts and declarations through this Psalm for a few days now. Today David gets the victory he has been asking God for. I do think it is important to know that God will ultimately give the godly victory over their enemies. But here is the thing. God does it. Victory belongs to Him. In the last few verses David reminds us of this. God of my salvation! God who pays back those who harm me! This helps me stop fighting with people and start praying to God to help me. It’s the difference between “Hold my weave!” and “This sucks but I am going to trust God.” Guess which one I lean into? And I don’t even have a weave!

Proverbs 4: 11—13

My friend Shelia and I were talking last night about the fact that we were both like, “Gosh, ok God we get it with the wisdom stuff!” And here we go again with it today! It is so important! Here is where I landed with it today. If wisdom keeps us from stumbling, then we will stumble when we are foolish. What I love about God is He will use the stumble to get us back on track, maybe even turn us completely around so we have the opportunity to be wise.

Have a great day! Take Jesus’ hand!