1/24/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 48:1— 49:33

Jacob’s life time of walking with the Lord has come full circle. I was so moved this morning when I read “I know, my son; I know. His reply to Joseph’s correction is so poignant. As if to say, “Yes this is totally counter cultural but this is how God’s economy works—Ask me how I know!!” This man who was once characterized by deception now at the end of his life leads his son into better understanding and obedience to the Lord.

Jacob’s blessings for his sons will be interesting to look back on. And by interesting I mean amazing and awe inspiring because all of these characteristic of these tribes comes true. We also have the reminder that the Messiah (The scepter, rulers staff) will come from Judah’s line. These are all gifts God is giving us so that we know every word of the scripture is true.

Matthew 15: 29—16:12

The Pharisees and Sadducees are building a case against Jesus. He has just preformed another miracle by feeding the 4000 men in the crowd and yet these religious leaders want a more profound miracle. Jesus tells them they will get it in the form of the sign of Jonah. (Jonah got eaten by a fish and was entombed in his belly for 3 days) No body gets this so he starts to teach them.

Bless the disciples. Jesus makes a statement about the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees poisoning all of Israel and they immediately think He is mad at them for not bringing food. Raise your hand if you have been in the position where someone said something about something totally unrelated to you but you took it personally. Wars have been started over things like this. For me personally I will confess that I am so self centered that I usually assume anything someone says is about me, to me or because of something I did. Jesus is freeing me of this, thank God, by assuring me that I am not that big of deal.

The real issue is Jesus’ warning about the bad teaching of the religious leaders. He is saying that one small untruth will infect the whole community. This is still true today and we have to be so very careful of what we say, preach and teach. The only way to know if you are hearing bad teaching is to know the Word of God for yourself, have a personal relationship with Jesus, and surround yourself with believers who will challenge you when you say something that is off.

Psalm 20: 1-9

I read in the commentary that this is a Psalm David wrote for his subjects to sing in prayer for him as he was on his way to battle. There is something so revealing in that. It shows me that David really understood his dependence on the Lord and was humble enough to ask his subjects to pray for him. What a beautiful thing.

Proverbs 4: 20—27

Remember yesterday when Jesus told us that the words we speak come from the heart and that is what defiles us? Well check out this Proverb that tells us to guard our heart above all else. What you allow into your heart is what determines the course of your life. This is no joke. People will know what is in your heart by what comes out of your mouth. Guarding here refers to sticking to the wise path, wise things and wise pursuits. It all means to guard against evil.

Have a great day!