1/25/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 50:1—EXODUS 2:10

We finish up Genesis with a beautiful moment of reconciliation with the brothers. Joseph’s brothers finally confess their sin and Joseph accepts their apology and points them to the fact that this was all part of Gods plan. I pray I can be that forthcoming with forgiveness because of my trust in God’s sovereignty.

Exodus was written by Moses. Jesus refers to his authorship in the NT. I’m positive we can trust Jesus. Again it was written for the purpose of instructing the Israelites. We have to remember these things as we move forward or we will take things out of context. Now, their are principles here that directly apply to us, the Church, for sure. As believers we get to behold the book of Exodus and see God display His Mighty power to his people. In so doing He also teaches the world who HE IS!!

The Egyptians that morned the loss of Joseph have now forgotten him and see only a very strong nation growing within its borders. They get nervous that this people will turn on them so Pharaoh tries to stamp them out. Funny thing about the Israelites, the more you try to stamp them out the more fruitful they become. Pharaoh turns to infanticide to try to drown them out.

But God is moving His story along and we get to learn how Moses came to be educated by the Egyptian. God is preparing Moses for the mighty work he has planned for him. Our story is just getting started! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Matthew 16:13—17:9

People say to me all the time, “Sarah you are just like Peter, you are so ready fire aim. You just jump off and do stuff without thinking about it.” Well, never one to take criticisms well I jumped back at that and got a sour taste in my mouth where Peter is concerned. “I don’t want to be like Peter, I want to be wise and discerning.” But look here at the reading for today. Guess who the first disciple is to call Jesus, “the Messiah.” You guessed it, Peter. I love this because it shows me one more time that Jesus uses us because of our weakness not in-spite of it. Because our friend Peter takes Jesus aside to rebuke him, only gives Jesus another chance to teach Peter to harness his strength and follow Jesus instead of try to control the situation. Jesus says, “Peter you have to follow me or you are acting like Satan, you have to learn how to do this.” And Jesus teaches him this. I pray I can be teachable too.

Psalm 21: 1-13

A celebration song after a victory. Not about how great the king and his army is but how great God is.

Proverb 5: 1-6

So if a woman who is the perfect helpmate for her husband can build him up, help him, make him better, and help him prosper; it stands to reason that a woman not following God could tear him down, destroy him, make him worse, and ultimately bankrupt him. This reminds me, as a woman, to use my power wisely.

Have a great day!