1/26/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 2:11—3:22

I love how we are getting to know Moses. God created Moses to be a deliverer. So here Moses goes running around delivering people who did not asked to be delivered. One his journey to become the deliverer of Israel God has been preparing him for the job(education by the Egyptians at the time would be the same as someone in the US going to Harvard), but God also made him with a bent toward rescuing. God just had to teach Moses how to rescue when God said to rescue, not when Moses felt like it in his own strength. This is the true form of meekness the bible talks about. You take all the talent, gifts, coolness, bad assness and you learn how to bend it to God’s desires. Usually in the bible this is developed on a journey through a desert.

Matthew 17: 10-27

Faithlessness causes us to miss the people God sends to teach us and prevents us from being free of slave drivers.

This fish thing is kind of weird so I consulted my Bible Knowledge Commentary to be sure I was not missing something. As it turns out I was. Jesus is starting to teach them the He will be King when He returns. He is letting them know that as His disciples they will have a special place with Him in that Kingdom. He also teaches us to submit to government. And then he send Peter to do something He loves, fishing! There he finds the money to pay the taxes.

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Psalm 22: 1-18

I’m reading this waiting for David to confess the sin he is being punished for and then I don’t see it, then out of no where I see the story of when Jesus was hanging on the cross and they threw dice for his clothes! I went back to the Bible Knowledge Commentary because you never want to make the bible say something it is not really saying. You have to go to people who are smarter than you, and if you come up with something that no other trusted scholars have said, you are wrong—just an FYI. Well, as it turns out, scholars do think David is writing a psalm about a righteous man getting killed by wicked people!

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Proverbs 5: 7-14

Gosh, get comfortable with discipline because it keeps you from public disgrace.