1/27/19 One Year Bible Recap

Well, tuck in because in our passage today we read about foreskins, God being angry, God hardening Pharaoh’s heart, who is the first in the Kingdom of heaven and fondling breasts. Here we go!

Exodus 4:1—5:21

God gets angry with Moses because of disobedience. I looked up that word that God uses here and every other time it is used in Exodus it is because God is dealing with disobedience. God is going to use us even though we are disobedient. What I think is really interesting is that He gives Moses Aaron to be his mouth piece and we will see as we go on through the story Aaron causes Moses a lot of grief. It just makes me think that maybe Moses would have had less strife if he just would have trusted that the signs that God had given him would work and that God being with him was enough.

Oh man this next part people get really torqued out about. God says He will harden Pharaoh’s heart. I think this makes people nervous because God says we have free will but then we see him intervene here in Pharaoh’s heart to keep him from letting the Israelites go. I am going to solve this mystery for us right now!!!! God knows how He can harden someones heart and leave free will intact!!! As we go through the story lets watch for God to harden Pharaoh’s heart and then when we finish the story we can see where we land.

Ok so they are journeying to Egypt and we have this record of something really weird happening. Lets remember what we know so far. God uses journey’s (Abraham, Jacob, Isaac) to test faith. Not trying to read anything into this next passage (4:24-26) but it seems something has happened to Moses and Zipporah has to intervene so he won’t die. I would put this in the category of Moses and God had a “come to Jesus” meeting. The act that Zipporah does, the, ah…. er…. surgery, is always synonymous with declaration of faith in the bible. We can trust that God was testing someones faith here on this journey.

The meeting with Pharaoh sets the stage for my most favorite OT story, the plagues! As we study Pharaoh, (looking to see where God will harden his heart) we see the state of his heart is already pretty bad. He is cruel and unfair. He is making life really bad for the Israelites. So bad in fact they curse Moses, their deliverer.

Matthew 18: 1-20

Can I be real a second?* Asking God, “who is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven” has gotten me into more trouble than I wish to recount. To be first, best and greatest. But guess what God taught me? Being first, best and greatest is a slave driver even more cruel than Pharaoh. Thank God Jesus starts to tell us how to break free of it. Be like children. Help the forgotten who can’t help themselves. invite them in and love them as if they are Jesus. Go after the lost one and don’t stop until you find it. And when someone gets lost in sin get closer to them not farther away. Go to them, convince them, bring friends don’t leave them alone until they declare they are not ever going to listen. He is here with us, always.

Psalm 22: 19-31

The Psalm yesterday was a song about Jesus, the righteous, being killed by wicked. Today we have the rest of the Psalm. It calls the Israel to honor him, He is the one they have been waiting for. He is the one who saved them. It also predicts the future generations that will worship Him.

Proverbs 5: 15-21

Did anyone else know that the phrase “fondle the breasts” is in the bible? Well there it is. If this proverb has to tell us not to have casual sex its because our natural bent will be to have casual sex. If it has to tell guys to stick with their wives it means their natural bent will be to leave as their wife ages. The warning is there is always an immoral woman waiting trip you up. Don’t fall for it! And ladies, don’t be the immoral woman. Your body is meant to be a blessing for one man.

Have a great day!

*Hamilton Reference