1/28/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 5: 22—7:25

“I will” and “I am the Lord” are key verses in this section. The Lord tells Moses that He revealed Himself to Patriarchs as “God Almighty” but He was about to reveal to the World that He is Yahweh—The LORD. Now this is the coolest because God is about to systematically go after the entire pantheon of Gods that Egypt has set up. Basically what we are about to see is I will do this because I am the LORD. There is also an interjection of a genealogy so that there is perfect clarity on who Moses and Aaron are. The Lord and Pharaoh are still in the stand off over Pharaoh’s hard heart. Pharaoh is hardening his heart and God is using Pharaohs stubborn heart to show the World He is the LORD.

The first plague goes right after the heart of the Egyptian world view. They believed that life came from the Nile gods. This plague attacks Hapi (god of the Nile), Isis (goddess of the Nile) and Khnum (guardian of the Nile). It is important to know that these “magicians” that can imitate the signs and wonders that Moses and Aaron perform are most likely under the power of Satan. Ultimately they cannot reverse what God did to the Nile. As the plagues continue we see these “magicians” exposed for the frauds they really are.

Matthew 18:21—19:12

Peter, my favorite disciple, falls into a trap because he is trying to show Jesus how forgiving he is. Rabbinic teaching told the jews to forgive 3 times. Peter wants Jesus to know how mature he is by saying “Should we forgive 7 times, cuz that is way more than 3!” I have fallen in this hole before. My pride says, “show this person how super spiritually mature you are!” Only to be humbled by their response. Ouch.

The parable that follows teaches us of the heart position believers in Jesus should have. We have been forgiven of much. Jesus takes it onto his shoulders and cancels our debt before the Father. We can do the same in our hearts once we really understand the debt we owed.

Then we jump into divorce and eunuchs. Here is where I am landing with it: God intended us to get married and stay married. However He knows are hearts are hard and that some people will need a provision for divorce. He also knows that habitual infidelity nulls the marriage contract. There are some people who need to be married because that is how they were made and some people don’t need to be married because they don’t have those particular desires. I was struck by the phrase “hard hearts” because that is the same phrasing we are studying in the OT with Pharaoh.

Psalm 23

This is my friend Frani’s favorite Psalm. Every time I read it I think of all the ways she has told me she loves it. Like how it says, “I have all that I need” NOT “I have all that I want!” Like it says, He (the Lord) leads me to rest. He renews my strength. I don’t have to be afraid because He is close beside me. And this people is why Christians need other Christians, so that we can point out the goodness of God to each other. Talk about the scriptures with other believers because something might jump off the page at them that you never saw. This is how we get a deeper understanding of how Good God is!

Proverbs 5: 22-23

Don’t for one second think that life with God is some form of bondage and rule following that leads to no fun. Sin is the slave driver. Lack of discipline is the way to death. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.