1/31/19 One Year Bible Recap

Genesis 12:14—13:16

The Passover/Festival of unleavened bread is going to be a major theme in the OT. We know this because God spends so much time meticulously instructing them on how to celebrate it. I can remember reading this for the first time and wondering why God hates yeast so much? As a new christian I was wondering if I should forgo those amazing yeast rolls at Texas Roadhouse. (Let’s not get crazy, those things are manna from heaven) Here is what I love about the bible. God is going to answer all these questions, in His own good time. At the end of this chapter he gives us the first reason for this festival. He says it will be a visible sign to remind them that God saved them from Egypt. As we move through the story keep your eyes open for mentions of the Passover Festival. Let’s let God teach us why it is so important. (hint: Jesus)

God has finally gotten through to Pharaoh. He calls Moses in the middle of the night and says get out! Remember the first born in Egypts worldview as very important. Pharaoh’s first born son was supposedly a god. The fact that God took the life of the first born would have proved their thinking wrong. Again, I want to reiterate that I believe this was an act of mercy on God’s part. Anything that breaks down our wrong thinking to show us who God really is, is merciful. Salvation belongs to God, you don’t get to eternal life with God without believing in Him.

Matthew 20:29—21:22

Gosh, you can feel the tension building in this story. Jesus fulfills the prophecy of entering Jerusalem as King on a donkey. The people fully get behind this. You can see they expect Him to take over a run the Romans out! They call him Son of David, they are full expecting him to be a king like David. They probably got even more excited when he went in and started turning tables over. The crowd was like, “Oh heck yeah, we are about to watch him overthrow our oppressors!”

But if you actually watch what Jesus is doing he is fulfilling the part of the prophecy the people glazed over….He is humble. Jesus IS THE KING! He had every right to stomp into Jerusalem and kill everyone and take over as ruler. That would have been out of step with what God the Father asked Him to do. So He humbly chooses to be obedient. He gets right to teaching people, and healing. He turns over the tables to show them they are not honoring God they are serving themselves. They are putting on a show of worship, but there hearts are not really into God.

He shows us how damaging a show of worship without actually faith is in the fig tree. There it is full of leaves, looking like a perfect tree, but lacking the one thing it is supposed produce….fruit. The tree in all its leafy splendor dies because of its lack of fruit. The nation of Israel were busy with the worship of God. They made money off of selling animals to people who needed a sacrifice, they were busy making a show of there worship of God, but they did not have faith in the actual God incarnate standing before them! Fruit is a big theme in the NT. Watch for Jesus teaching us about fruit.

Psalm 25: 16—22

This psalm shows us that prayer for guidance (the first part of this Psalm) has to be accompanied by confession of sin (the last part of this Psalm). Yesterday David asks for God to “show him the right path” and today he says “forgive all my sins!” Repentance is such a gift. As christians our relationship with Jesus should have a healthy dose of repentance. Sometimes I will sit down to pray and get to the part where I repent and say to myself, “Gosh, Jesus, I’m doing pretty good I don’t think I have anything to repent for?” Only to have Him mercifully bring to my mind so. many. sins. from that day. Thank you for repentance Jesus!

Proverbs 6: 12—15

I confess that I used to be a pot stirrer. A juicy piece of gossip could keep me going for days. I was always stirring up trouble. It was so much drama and I thought I thrived in it. Really drama just keeps us from looking at the one thing we really need to look at, Jesus. The more I walk with Him the more I have learned that as followers of Him we are the ones that should bring peace to a situation, not drama.

Have a great day!