2/1/19 One Year Bible Recap


Exodus 13:17—15:18

The attribute of God that is discussed in todays section might be the one thing that has brought me the most freedom in my life. God does not necessarily pick the most efficient path to lead his people on. The journey is about growing their faith in him, not getting to point B the fastest. My friend Laura, for years, told me, “Its a process.” My response was always, “Well hurry up this process, put it in the microwave on high and lets get rolling.” But as we see with the Israelites, that is not how God works. He takes them on journey so that the can learn who He is and why they should have faith in Him. He grows them in maturity, and this takes time. (Quick Christians do not withstand the World. Slow grown Christians do. So I submit to the process.)

Sure enough at the first sign of trouble the people want to give up on God and go back to Egypt where they were slaves! The Lord in His goodness will prove to them who He is. When the people of Israel see what God does with the Egyptians and the Red see the Word says they were filled with awe! They were even moved to sing in worship to the Lord.

Matthew 21: 23-46

Oh my gosh I love Jesus. The pharisee’s demand he answers a question and He says, “Well hold on answer this first, Did John’s authority to baptize come from heaven, or was it merely human?” In there panic to answer we see where the Pharisee’s heart is centered—impressing the people.

In the same vein as the teaching about the fig tree Jesus uses two parables to teach them that looking like a follower of God is not good enough. You have to actually obey God and receive His Messiah. And just like the vineyard in the parable is taken away from the tenant farmers, Israel will be set aside, and God will bring the Good News of Salvation (proper fruit) (there is that word fruit again) through the Church. God will not forget the promises He made to Israel, He will still fulfill all the promises, but they will be set aside for now because of their rejection of Jesus. The Word predicted that Israel would stumble on Jesus. Shockingly the Pharisee’s don’t like what Jesus just said so they really fully start to figure out how to snuff Him out.

Psalm 26: 1-12

David is declaring to the Lord that he has acted with integrity. Doing what is right when no one is watching is a sure fire way to honor the Lord. We can declare our integrity before the Lord.

Proverb 6: 16-19

What is the deal here? Is this a typo that a scribe was too lazy to re-write? Like the Lord said, “There are 6 things I hate……wait scratch that there are 7 things I hate.” But guess what? It’s not! I looked it up in the Bible Knowledge Commentary. Check it out:

The six … seven pattern is also used in Job 5:19, and a similar pattern of other numbers plus one is used in Proverbs 30:15–16, 18–19, 21–31. The purpose of this kind of numerical pattern (x and x + 1) is not to give a complete list. Instead it is to stress the final (x + 1) item, as the culmination or product of its preceding items.

How cool is that??? God used a pattern to stress one particular thing. In this case that list followed by the most important item is “a person who sows discord in a family.” God is stressing his dislike of people who cause drama. The six things listed before this all lead to discord. Isn’t it cool how God makes things so clear for us?

Have a good day!

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