2/12/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 34: 1–35: 9

Moses response to being in the presence of God is to fall down and worship.  God also declares some of His characteristics.  He calls himself the God of compassion and mercy, He says He is slow to anger and filled with unfailing love.  Then he reaffirms the Mosaic Covenant with them.  They have already broken it, but He is showing the characteristics He just declared by reaffirming it.  Praise the Lord.   

He is even more specific in this reaffirmation of the covenant.  I think this shows that the Lord has seen them disobey and has every right to end their life, but instead draws close to them with even more specific commands to keep them out of trouble.  He explains to them that if they make treaty’s with the people in the Land they will end up trapped.  They will be trapped in the pagan worship of false gods.  Don’t miss that, He is saying that worshiping false gods with leave them trapped in idolatry.  However, if they remain faithful to the Lord He will do things among them that no one earth had ever seen.  They will display the power of the Lord and the people around them will be in awe.  He will be their defender, but He will not stand for their split worship.  It is Him and freedom, or idolatry and being trapped.  

Moses, having been with Lord, now glows with the radiance of God.  The people are in fear of him.  This is the kind of power our Lord has.  Also we see in this passage how Moses intercedes on the behalf of the people.  It seems from this scripture that it is a good thing to have someone interceding for us with the Lord.  I also love that when Moses comes back with the second set of 10 commandments, it is back to the business of building this tabernacle.  The sin, the punishment, and the reconciliation have occurred and now God is ready for them to move on.  

Matthew 27: 15–31

Pilate knew he condemned an innocent man.  The phrase “The crowd shouted back....” in one form or another is used 4 times.  They were unified in their rejection of the King of the Jews.  The Pharisees had succeeded in getting Jesus crucified.  And then we follow Him through beating after beating.  The Romans were known for their cruelty.  They had studied how to kill people and inflict the worst pain. Enough whips with the lead-tipped whip to expose all the sinews of your spinal column but not enough to actually kill you.  With your back wide open you are moved from one location to another clothes ripped off your exposed wounds, new ones put on, then taken off.  Spit on, beat and mocked.  And yet the Savior of the World stayed silent in holy obedience.  Sin did that to Him.  God hates sin.  

Psalm 33: 12–22

I am so thankful that the Lord made my heart and understands everything I do, because so often I don’t understand what I am doing.  I don’t know why I am nervous, or sad, or mad.  But He does because He made us.  Our hope is in Him.  Even in that section of Matthew when we feel like all hope is lost, we can Hope in Him!

Proverbs 9: 1-6

Wisdom does not have to set traps to lure people in with the promise of meeting their desires.  She says, come to my table and learn how to really live.