2/13/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 35: 10—36:38

The Israelites were willing, eager and freely gave to the Lord.  He did not make them.  He did not punish them until they turned loose of their possessions.  He showed them mercy, and they responded by being eager to give their possessions.  They were so eager in fact that they ended up bringing too much stuff.  This should be our heart of giving.  It is not an obligation, it is a form of worship.  

I found myself wondering what the point is behind God telling us in this story all the specifics of what Bezalel made and crafted.  Like couldn’t God just record, “And everything was made just like I told them to make it.”  But that is not in line with God’s character.  He is instructing us.  He is taking us through the process.  He is recording for future generation how the Israelites were eager to follow the Lord’s instructions.  And also, when you study the Canaanite culture they were always having to invent ways to please their fake gods.  As with anything that humans are in charge of they invented horrible ways of appeasing their fake gods like orgies and child sacrifice.  It is not that way with YAHWEH.  The Lord makes it very clear the Israelites what he wants from them.  Down to the curtain hangers. No guessing what God wants from them.  Just a very elaborate visual aid to teach them that they have a sin debt that needed to be paid so they could have fellowship with the Lord.

Matthew 27: 32—66

“My God, my God why have you abandoned me?”  Jesus became the sin of the world so that God could pour out the penalty for sin on Him.  Jesus had never felt the separation we are all born with.  It was the worst part of all of the crucifixion.   

So you know that elaborate visual aid, the Tabernacle?  Well, it transitioned into a temple during the time of Solomon.  It had the same curtain dividing the Holy of Holies form the rest of the sanctuary.  That curtain represented that separation we are all born with.  That curtain torn from the top down, showing that God had ripped the curtain and that there was no longer a separation between the presence of God and His people.  Jesus paid for that separation.  The culmination of this elaborate visual is the sacrificing of Jesus on the cross. 

The death of Jesus was so powerful that no one that witnessed it had any doubt that He was the Son of God just like He said.  The power of Him releasing His Spirit raised people for the graves.  The leading priest and Pharisee’s start to get a little nervous.  They want the tomb guarded.  Pilate grants their wish.  Perfect, then there will be even more witnesses to what happens next.  

Psalm 34: 1-10

This is another Acrostic poem.  This means that it was written in a way that was easy to memorize and recite.  Also, tradition has it that David wrote this regarding the time he acted like a loony toon in front of Abimelech.  

Proverbs 9:7-8

Have you ever had that circumstance where you had to call someone out on something and they turned it around on you so that all of sudden it seemed like you were the one who did something wrong?  I admit that I have a gold medal in being a mocker who gets corrected and in turn insults the corrector.  I think this comes from believe that correction is the same thing as rejection.  In the Lord’s economy, that is just not true.  To be wise you have to be corrected.  It is how we learn.