2/14/19 One Year Bible Recap

The One Year Bible Recap is being written from an air plane! This all just seems really fancy and technologically advanced.

Exodus 37:1—38:31

The information in this first section is a meticulous recording of all the things being made exactly how the Lord told them to make them.  Remember these are tools used to teach them about the Lord.  They are different from the nations around them because they were busy making up how to worship their fake gods.  With every hammer fall and every stitch they are building their relationship with God.

The next section, the inventory of goods that the Israelites gave, reveals two things.  One, this is all stuff that the Egyptians gave them to get them out of their country.  Remember in the midst of the plagues, God caused the Egyptians to give them goods for the journey.  Looks to me like they made out like holy God fearing bandits.  Secondly, the shear weight of these goods makes me understand the magnitude of what it cost them physically to move the Tabernacle from place to place in the desert.  

Matthew 28:1-20

For days we have followed Jesus through His beatings and crucifixion, now we get to read the greatest news the world has ever known…..THE TOMB IS EMPTY!!!  This means that everything Jesus predicted came true.  He was raised on the third day.  The guards fell into a dead faint but the faithful women took off to spread the news.  As Jesus met the faithful women, the guards and the leading priests get to work spreading the lie.  Even now, after Jesus’ resurrection, they will not humble themselves and admit what they have done.  But this news cannot be covered up.  Every believer is commissioned to go and spread the Word.  How could we possible be stopped when Jesus is with us until the end of the age?  Nothing can cover up the empty tomb.  

Psalm 34: 11-22

The acoustic poem we started yesterday is finished up today.  “Search for peace,” stands out to me because that has been a theme in our house for the last few months.  Also I love to know that God is close to the brokenhearted.  That just shows us His character.  

Proverbs 9: 9-10

The theme of the book of proverbs is repeated in this proverb today.  What a good reminder to us that people who say to us, “I have moved past the childishness of believing in God,” are actually not wise.