2/16/19 One Year Bible Recap

I didn’t want to let today pass without acknowledging we made it through the book of Exodus! We are now starting Leviticus. This book was written by Moses and it’s purpose is to instruct Israel how about to be holy, because God is holy. It is the instructions for how to worship God. It is important to remember as we walk through this book, Israel is not sacrificing animals to abtain Gods favor, they are sacrificing animals because they need to atone for their sin before a Holy God. 

Leviticus 1:1—3:17

We are all sinners. The penalty for sin is death. In His Mercy God allows the Israelites to lay their hands on a substitute that is without defect. This is how the Israelites remain holy before the Lord. 

Mark 1:29–2:12

Mark focuses on the miracles that Jesus is doing. I just love that He tells people to keep it on the down low but they can’t help but tell people. I remember that feeling after getting saved. Like I just could believe that God saved me and I wanted everyone to know. 

Psalms 35: 17-28

I love how David says “Lord, you know about all this.” Nothing is out of His sight. 

Proverbs 9: 13-18

Folly sets traps for the simple.