2/18/19 One Year Bible Recap

Leviticus 6:1—7:27

The focus in this section is on how Aaron and the priest’s handle the specific aforementioned sacrifices.  This is all a very organized situation.  Again, these people are meant to be different from the Canaanites around them.  The Canaanite sacrifices were chaotic and crazy.  This is orderly, thought out and the animals are treated in a holy way.  

God makes this communication so clear and purposeful.  He does not want the priest to misuse any of the sacrifices.  He is clear about what the blood and fat can be used for and what they can’t be used for.  He is also clear that these laws are to be adhered to or the penalty is that you are out of the covenant relationship.  

Mark 3:7-30

Even with the throngs of people coming to Him for healing, Jesus still had to deal with the questions from His family and the Pharisee’s.  His family thinks He has gone crazy because He skips a meal and the Pharisee’s claim He is empowered by Satan.  (That is the unforgivable sin by the way, saying that the Holy Spirit’s power is really just Satan.) Jesus is trying to teach them that He can’t cast out demons and be empowered by Satan, that would not make sense!  

Psalm 37: 1—11

My BFF Christy Nockles talks about this Psalm all the time. (We are not actually BFF’s but we would be if she knew me, we did have lunch together once.  Well, she was eating a snack and I was watching her from across the table.  Same thing.)  Anyway, the part in this Psalm where its says “He will give you the desires of your heart” has two ways you can look at it.  One is that He made you so if you like singing that is something He put in your heart.  But also, if you follow Him, you will start to desire the same things He desires, there by He puts desires in your heart.  So when I first started following the Lord I didn’t really care about helping people, but now as I have gotten to know Him He has put the desire to care for people in my heart.  Isn’t that cool? 

Proverbs 10: 3-4

When you are chasing after the wrong thing God will withhold that thing on purpose, because He loves you.