2/20/19 One Year Bible Recap

Leviticus 9:7—10:20

Ok so for two years at Texas Tech I was an Animal Science major. My Animal Science aspirations ended with meat judging class. Nope, no thank you, I don’t want to see how we get the meat until it is at the grocery store. Guys, seriously the amount of mess this process makes is mind boggling. We slaughtered animals in a state of the art facility. There were drains, and hoses and trash bins and incinerators. There were hooks that strung the carcasses up and moved them from place to place through the process. The people doing the work of the slaughter were covered in a magnificent array of fluids and dung when it was all said and done. As I was reading through our section today i was struck by the fact that the Israelites are doing this slaughtering with no high powered equipment. This slaughter was done by hand and no doubt was a mess even though God specifically told them how to deal with each part. This elaborate visual aid would have been burned into their minds. Sin=death. There was no way they would not have remembered that. (and the smell, don’t even get me started) (PS. changed major to Agriculture Economics)

Up to this point, minus an unfortunate situation with a golden calf, the people have obeyed. Now we see what happens when they disobey. There is no wiggle room with sin before God. These guys knew better and for whatever reason decided to go their own way in God’s holy tabernacle. The answer from God is clear. My way or death. Sin=death.

I was a little confused at the end when Aaron seemingly does the same thing as his sons with the incense. He does not follow God’s rule to the letter. I had to read this over and over to understand, and consulted my trusty commentary. Here is where I landed. Aaron did not sin by what he did. If he had sinned He would have been consumed by flame just like his sons. His deviation was in deference to God about what had happened with his sons. The fact that Moses agrees and that Aaron is not a charred pile of ashes supports this.

Mark 4:26—5:20

Jesus continues teaching the disciples about the Kingdom of God through parables. These parables about the seeds speak to the fact that God is in control of the growth of the Kingdom and He is the one who tends to it. He can make an entire Kingdom out of something as small as a mustard seed. The mustard plant was the largest plant of the gardens in the Palestine region.

Mark uses the next section to authenticate what Jesus has said in the previous section. He is basically saying listen to what this Guy says because look at the miracles he is able to do.

Reading through the story of this poor soul who is victimized by a legion of evil spirts was a little creepy early in the morning sitting here all by myself. The description of what these evil spirits made this guy endure scared me. This poor guy, who is basically haunting this town’s cemetery and completely abandoned by all living people, is set free by Jesus. The evil spirits in him know exactly who Jesus is and even call Him by His Old Testament name. Even though I was creeped out while reading this, I was set straight as well. “Jesus gave them permission.” Jesus is in control of everything, even these evil sprits. They could do nothing without His permission and they know that ultimately they are going into eternal torment. Just like Matthew, Mark is building the case that Jesus is the Messiah. Mark just recorded an attribute of God that Jesus possesses—sovereign over all, even Satan.

Psalm 37: 30-40

In the conclusion of this Psalm we have a vivid contrast between the godly and the ungodly. The Godly have made God’s law their own. I love that idea of really fully buying into what God says to do by making it your own. It is all written on our heart anyway, stop fighting it.

Proverbs 10: 6-7

I think focusing on wicked words and wicked people will rot a persons life away. I think that is why God tells us to focus on godly things.