2/23/19 One Year Bible Recap

Leviticus 14: 1-57

Those who have been healed of one of these skin diseases have to go through a consecration process.  The process looks more like what Aaron had to go through to be ordained because of the blood on the earlobes and stuff like that.  There is no actual mention of sin causing the necessary sacrifices but it seems to be implied that either by not participating in worship while you were in quarantine or because you were healed you needed to atone for the situation.  And of course provision is made for the poor who could not bring the heavy stock sacrifices.  The use of the hyssop made me think of the procedure for Passover.  The visual aid with the two birds is profound.  One bird is killed symbolizing the escape from death from a disease and the other is released to freedom symbolizing the disease being lifted off the person. That is beautiful and I think would remind the Israelites to thank the Lord for their deliverance. And again, we have to remember that this is all in the context of setting Israel apart from the people they will encounter in Canaan and making them ceremonially clean so they can commune with God to atone for their sin. God also gives instruction for the future dealings with mildew in the stone houses they will live in when they get to Canaan.  This makes me doubly thankful for Clorox wipes.  

Mark 6: 30-56

The apostles return to Jesus with much to relay about what they have done.  The scene is so busy because, despite Herod killing John the Baptist, the message is still going out.  I love that Jesus wants to retreat so they can talk.  

Jesus is moved to not retreat but to actually teach the people and feed them.  I love how He gets them to sit down in an orderly manner and be served by the Apostles.  I think this is so the magnitude of the miracle will really be on display.  I can image the event getting downplayed if people were like all just pushing in and grabbing at food.  Skeptics would say, “oh well you say everyone got fed but really it was just chaotic and you didn’t really see everyone get fed.”  That is not how Jesus did it.  He fed them all in an orderly way and they ate their fill.  

Mark records the walking on water and how the disciples hearts are still too hard to really understand what is going on.  But Jesus tells them to not be afraid and to take courage because “I Am here!”  I’m not sure why Mark doesn’t record Peter’s interaction with Jesus that Matthew recorded.  Because I am a woman I instantly added some color commentary.  1. Mark is annoyed with Peter for always being the one that jumps off the handle or off a boat in this case. 2. Mark and Peter are best friends and Peter says, “Hey can you make me look a little more level headed than Matthew does?  These are both extra biblical ideas, so don’t take them as truth.  😜

When they disembark the sick people just want to touch His robe.  This made me think that the lady that was healed from the bleeding told her story to anyone who would listen.  People knew that He was powerful enough to heal people who just touched the hem of His robe.  

Psalm 40: 1-10

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair,” is my battle cry over depression.  The feeling of Him lifting me out of the pit and putting my feet on solid ground has never left me.  Thank you for saving me Lord. I do have a new song to sing that is full of hope.  

The part where it says “You take no delight in sacrifices or offerings.  Now that you have made me listen, I finally understand—you don’t require burnt offerings or sin offerings.”  Is profound because it teaches us that the sacrifices we are reading about in Leviticus are not the endgame for God.  They are a means to end.  

Proverbs 10: 11-12

As John Crist says, this is a “✔️your heart” Proverb today.  Do your words give life or are they spewed out to cover up your violent intentions.  As someone who has had their own daughter confront them about being a gossip this is always a gut check for me.  Speak life.