2/27/19 One Year Bible Recap

Leviticus 20:22–22:16

If you were looking at this in a regular bible and not the daily bible you would see that we start today with the conclusion of yesterdays section.  Yesterday we had a whole list of rules and at the end of it God says you need to do all these things so the Land does not vomit you out (20:22).  He then gives them the command to discern (consider, think about) what will make them unclean.  They have to do this because He is Holy and He has chosen them to be His special people. 

The instructions then move into instructions for priests.  The priest cannot have any defects just like the sacrificial animals the people are bringing cannot have defects.  Remember this is not because God hates people with defects its because this is an elaborate visual aid for how to atone for sin.  The priest and the sacrifices have to be free of defects, perfect.  You can see that He loves them because tells the priests to allow them to eat the most Holy sacrifices.  Defects are a reflection of this broken and sinful world that was established in the garden Eden. 

Mark 9: 1-29

I absolutely love what Mark records from the Transfiguration.  He shares that Peter said, “He would build the shelters as memorials” because they were all terrified.  I also love that Jesus told them not to talk about this until after He is raised from the dead and they are like, “yeah, ok Jesus.” Then to each other they are like, “What is He talking about?”

The disciples are hung up on the wrong things.  They are wondering about things that the religious leaders are saying.  I love the Jesus points them to what they should be concerned about and tells that John the Baptist is the “Elijah” the religious leaders are waiting for.

I LOVE Jesus’ response to the father who says, “If you can.”  Jesus says, “What do you mean IF??”  I feel like He is saying, “Oh don’t worry about if I can do it, it’s totally you, not me.”  And look at what happens!  The father begs him to help him with his unbelief.  How great is God that will even help you believe in Him!  I love our Lord.

Jesus tells the disciples that they could not cast out the demon because it required prayer.  If you check out the foot note some manuscripts read “only by prayer and fasting.” This gives us the idea that the Disciples could not cast out the demon because they were not fully relying on the Lord.  

Psalm 43: 1-5

This psalm seems to be the dramatic ending of yesterdays song because it has the same refrain.  I love how his circumstances tell him God has “tossed him aside” but he reminds himself to put his hope in God.  

Proverbs 10:18 

Man! This proverb has my number.  I’m recalling so many times that I have been mad at someone in my heart and it has bubbled out to someone else in a slanderous way.  Or sometimes in a more sinfully subtle way like, “Oh we should pray for her because (insert salacious gossip done in the name of prayer).  Guess what?  That makes me a liar and fool.  The use of that semi colon is interesting.  I got this off of the Grammerly website: “The most common use of the semicolon is to join two independent clauses without using a conjunction like and.”  These two phrases are independent but putting the semi colon in joins them together.  My point is one phrase leads to the other.  You have to guard your heart against hatred.  Go to the person directly and work it out.  You deserve to be heard and as a Christian you are required to give them the chance to make things right with you and vice versa.  Don’t be the fool that talks to everyone but the actual person you have a problem with….ask me how I know!