2/28/19 One Year Bible Recap

Leviticus 22:17—23:44

We start with the final instructions for the sacrifices.  They have to be perfect and without defect.   Remember this is all a visual aid to teach them about atonement.  Look what I found in the Bible Knowledge Commentary this morning: 

“Wenham argues that the sacrificial animals are “the priests of the animal world,” that is, as the Gentiles are symbolized by unclean animals, and Israel by clean animals, the priests are symbolized by sacrificial animals.” 

The Lord is specific because He is teaching them the most important thing, how to atone for their sin.  

The Lord concludes His instructions for Aaron with “do not bring shame on my name.”  If they keep His commands He will display His holiness among them.  He reminds them that He makes them holy and that He was their rescuer.  

The Festivals are important to understand because this is what forms the culture for the Israelites.  This is the flow of their year.  These Festivals were a call to remember what the Lord had done just like the Sabbath day every week.  The New Testament makes much more sense when you see the significance of Jesus being crucified during Passover or why Pentecost (7 weeks + 1 day=50, pent=50) is such a big deal to the Israelites. 

Mark 9: 30—10:12

The disciples did not understand about the “Son of Man being betrayed” because they were too busy planning who was going to be sitting next to Jesus on the throne.  They are puffed up because they had the authority to cast out demons.  So puffed up that they stopped someone else from using Jesus name to cast out a demon.  Jesus teaches them that if someone believes in Him (the Jesus of the Holy Bible, not a made up Jesus) they are on the team because they would not use his name and then turn around and bad mouth Him like the Pharisee’s.  

Salt in the bible is a purifier and preservative.  It kept things out that would cause something to rot.  A believer has the salt needed to withstand fiery trials and not compete to be first, but live in peace with other disciples.  Unbelief ends in such an awful fate that people should be willing to cut off whatever stops them from believing.  Put the scissors down, He is speaking in hyperbole.  He is trying to get us to understand the urgency of believing in Him. 

Psalm 44: 1-8

Well, looky here, this Psalm perfectly sums up the point of the festivals we talked about earlier.  The festivals caused them to slow down and remember what God had done and talk about it.  This psalm tells us that remembering what God has done is what gets us though the trials.  It is the salt that purifies us.  

Proverbs 10: 19

You know how you have a baby and you get so excited when they first start to talk.  You say things like “say mama!” or “say dada!” Then, once they get the hang of it, especially if you have a very verbal little girl, you can’t get them to shut up.  “Mama, let me tell you about this totally ridiculous thing that is going to take me 20 minutes to spit out while you are trying to get me dressed to get out the door, and because you are rushing me I will stop to cry because you aren’t listening.” (ps. because you rushed me I will also develop a stutter that will cause you much guilt later, love you!)  Anyway, this proverb made me thing of that.  Babbling will get you into trouble.  The wise keep their mouth shut more than they talk.  You don’t have to say everything that comes into your mind, listen more.