2/4/19 One Year Bible Recap--and my brain is back with us.

Exodus 19:16—21:21

The 10 Commandments. The rules to create a structured wholesome society. These are perfectly selected to reflect the attributes of God. They are not guidelines, they are rules to follow. If the Israelites don’t follow them they will be disciplined. All but one of these Commands (Sabbath) are mentioned in the NT. These are rules for us too. If we sow into these rules we will reap the benefit, if we don’t we will reap the consequences in the same way the Israelites will. God came down to the mountain here to basically scare the pants off of everyone so they would believe and know that He was serious. Maybe lack of pants was the reason for no stairs? I’m kidding! Come on, its 6 am on Monday, laugh a little. (No stairs actually differentiates the Israelites altars from the altars the idol worshippers were building at the time)

I approach this next subject with humility and a desire to be sensitive. Slavery is in the bible. However, slavery in the bible does not look anything like the slave trade that imprisoned brutally abused and murdered millions of Africans in the United States early history. It would be like comparing apples to oranges. When anyone tells you that God’s Holy Bible condones those atrocities they are ignorant. God’s idea of slavery is actually a provision for people as a livelihood. God sets up rules for the Israelites to follow to ensure that the slaves are not mistreated. The word slavery, essentially a 4 letter word here in the states for good reason, is actually used to describe our relationship with Jesus. In Romans 1. 1, Paul calls himself a slave of Christ Jesus. This is also why it is so important for us to study God’s word. So we are in a relationship with Him and He can teach us to reflect Him.

Matthew 23: 13-39

I’m not sure about you but I am picking up on a theme here. The Pharisee’s where very busy making sure they looked very religious, but they were actually hypocrites because they placed their religious activities over actually having a relationship with God. Not only that but their show of religiosity led other people astray. They will have to answer for that. Do you remember how the teaching about wisdom in Proverbs went on for what seemed like forever? We concluded that this was because we would be prone to act unwise so God covered so extensively to get our attention. I believe the same thing is going on here. I think we are all prone to put on a show but harbor on the inside “dead peoples bones and all sorts of impurity.” Lets all agree to be open to what God will teach us about being “white washed tombs.”

Psalm 28:1-9

The dependency on the Lord that David has is inspiring. Just think, he is king and could kill all these “wicked” people he is talking about but he is content to pray to God about it and wait for God to move against the wicked how HE wants to. I had so much more free time when I figured out that “vengeance” belongs to the Lord. I didn’t have to plot to get back at people, I could just trust the Lord.

Proverbs 7:1-5

I was afraid to read my Bible for a long time when I got saved because I did not want to read all the parts people told me were in there about how God was a chauvinist and hated woman. But here is the cool thing about God, no part of Him is sinful, He can only ever be all of His perfect attributes all at the same time. When you sit in His word He has the chance to convince you of His Goodness. My example? Why would God refer to wisdom as woman if He hated woman? Why would He say love wisdom like a sister if He did not want men to love and care for their sisters? HMMMM……..think about it! Now, a sinful woman bent on leading men astray with their bodies and lustful ideas? Not high on God’s list because He hates ALL SIN.