2/6/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 23:14—25:40

We are reading through the beginning of a covenant in this first section. We know this because their is blood involved and God declaring what He will do for them if they obey Him. God institutes these festivals as a reminder to the Israelites of His deliverance, and His provision for them. IF they obey His regulations He will be their defender, He will give them the Land, He will grow them into a huge nation capable of inhabiting the Land, and prosper them.

In this section the Israelites repeat 2 separate times that they will do everything the Lord says. The Lord repeats several times that they must not fall into idolatry. Moses then goes up the mountain to get further instruction from the Lord.

Then God moves into the instructions for the Tabernacle. This is an elaborate visual for the Israelites to teach them about atoning for sin. I am not good with descriptions of things so I found some pictures so I can have a good vision of this visual in my mind.

These may not be exact but I think it will be helpful to have an image in our mind as God describes the place God will dwell among the Israelites are to build. 

Matthew 24: 29-51

It is very important to stay in context with these verses.  When we left off yesterday Jesus was describing what the 70th week of Daniel would look like.  He described it as something vultures would circle.  So we pick up here with the final sign of His return.  The sun will darken, the moon will give no light, the stars will fall and the powers of heaven will be shaken.  Then He comes, and people are sorrowful because they realize He is there for their judgement.  However there will be people that survived this awful time and became believers.  He will gather them up from the ends of the earth. 

He then says “now learn a lesson.”  We all better sit up and listen to this.  He says you know how the seasons work, you see the buds and know summer is coming.  It is the same with these signs he gave us yesterday and today.  He says it is coming in this generation (also translated, “this age” or “this nation”).  His words are the only thing that will not disappear.  He also says that only God knows exactly when this will happen. He then goes into some parables as He always does when we really need to understand something.

The story of Noah was about judgement. The people were wicked and rejected God so they were swept away in the flood. Jesus says when He comes back it will be like that. Two people will be going about their activities and one will taken (gathered) and one left.  

Jesus wants us to remain on the ready. He will come when we least expect it. So don’t believe someone who says they know when He will come...they are lying.  

The last parable for today is a warning to follow what the Lord commands until He comes back. There will be reward for those who are sensible servants.  

Psalm 30: 1-12

I read this Psalm and was tickled because I feel like this a normal day between me and the Lord.  “Oh Lord nothing can stop me now!!!”......lunch....”Lord what will you gain if I die and sink into the grave?” I praise Him for being so patient with my over dramatic self. 

Proverbs 7: 24-27

“Don’t wander down the wayward path,”  makes me think that we are ensnared by immorality when we are dumbly wandering around. Keep your eyes on the Lord.