2/8/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 28: 1-43

I think two important things stand out in this description of the Priestly Robes.

One, these garments would distinguish Aaron as a priest set apart for God’s service. So it is representative of a life given over to the Lord. The garments are not in and of themselves special, what they represent is special.


Two, the chestpiece over worn over the robes, over Aarons heart would be a reminder that he represent the people when he comes before the Lord. This is huge because remember Pharaoh was the representation of the god Ra before the people. God, on purpose makes sure people know that Aaron is not a god. He represents the people to God, not the other way around. I for one fall into this all the time. Someone who is super spiritual or wise will start to morph into a god like being in my mind. This thought will start to remove God from the one throne in my heart. God knows this about me, and us, and makes it clear that what he is setting up with this elaborate visual aid, the Tabernacle, is different from anything they have seen.

Matthew 25: 31—26: 13

Ok, Context is King! Let’s remind ourselves again, what we are reading about. We are reading about the time period known as Daniel’s 70th week, aka, tribulation. Jesus has just taken us through all the signs that will occur directly before his return, and a lesson on faithfulness. Now we move into what it will be like when He actually does come back during this time. I think it important to remind you that at this point in the over arching bible story He is still offering the Kingdom to Israel. The Church will not be born until, *spoiler alert* Israel rejects the King. So with that in our minds, lets move forward.

Jesus comes back to judge all the nations (better translated Gentiles, but that is not my job). These are the people that are living during the tribulation. We have sheep on the right hand and goats on the left hand. The sheep he says ministered to Him and they are referred to as righteous. Their behavior displays there inner faith. We know that the only way to be righteous is to believe God. (Remember Abraham, He believed God and God credited him with righteousness) These righteous people who ministered to the “least of these” amidst persecution from the “sacrilegious object that causes desecration” who is ruling from the Holy Place (Matthew 24:15), will inherit the Kingdom. The goats on the left he calls cursed. (Remember the curses in Genesis 3:15) They are still “in sin” because they placed their faith in the “sacrilegious object that causes desecration.” For their unbelief they are thrown into hell.

Remember how we said all prophecy will have a far component, (something in the far future) and a near component (something in the near future) to authenticate the message. Well look what Jesus does here. After he tells them about the far future he tells them about the near future. If He does get crucified in two days, it will legitimize the far future message. (Take it to the bank, because guess what happens next?)

Psalm 31: 9-18

Gosh, David’s authenticity is encouraging. I have thought all these things, but the difference is that David goes right to the Lord with it. I will plot revenge for awhile until sin finally drained my strength and I go to the only ONE who can do anything about my distress.

Proverbs 8: 12-13

Good grief, pride, corruption and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech are like on my greatest hits playlist. As we pursue God we will start to hate these. These and God cannot exist in the same person.