2/9/19 One Year Bible Recap

Exodus 29:1—30:10

Not a good day if you are a bull or a ram.

Before we call PETA on God lets remember what we are reading about. First, so we don’t forget, God created all the animals so He gets to do with them whatever He wants. They are different than people. People were created in God’s image, not animals. Second, God is setting up an elaborate visual aid for the people of Israel and the surrounding nations. He is teaching them how to be holy and set apart from the horrible nations around them. He is also teaching them how to atone for sin. If you remember from the garden when Adam and Eve sinned God made them a covering from animal skin. An animal had to die to cover their sin.

In this section a key phrase is “pleasing to the Lord” and a key word is consecrate or purify. The Lord is teaching them how to please Him and how to purify themselves. The priesthood would have to remain pure because remember they represented the people to God. As they interacted with God His glorious presence would consecrate the tabernacle and them.

Another key word is blood. Aaron and his sons would place their hands on the animal and “transfer” their sins to it. The animal was to die as a payment for their sin. (a substitute) The animal sacrificed would spill its blood and they would sprinkle it on the altar and on Aaron and his sons. This would remind the whole nation that the priest were set aside and holy. It would remind them that the blood was necessary because it meant that their sin had been atoned for because a sacrifice had died.

The specifics about the organs and fat and etcetera was all to teach against the practices of the heathen nations around them. I dug down into the culture of the Canaanites and how they sacrificed things to worship their gods….lets just say when I got down there I immediately wanted out—GROSS.

Matthew 26: 14-46

Oh, Judas. I am so sorry for him. How awful it must have been to find out the truth, that he did in fact betray the Messiah. (So awful in fact that he killed himself, Matt 27: 1-10)

I am blown away by verse 28. “for this is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and his people. It is poured out to forgive the sins of many.” You may be like me and glaze over this verse because you have heard it anytime anyone gets up to lead communion. But look! We are studying this very thing in the OT reading today! We are going to learn how significant this verse is as we learn more about the tabernacle and its sacrifices.

I have never identified more with Peter than in the next few verses.

Jesus: “You are going desert me Peter.”

Peter: “Oh no I’m not, these other jokers might but not me! I am your ride or die!”

about an hour later……

Peter: “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

Thank God that He exposes our self-righteousness and our inflated views of our goodness. Without him we are lost and self deceived.

I don’t really know how to communicate the humanity the next few verses shows us. Jesus asks for another way, there is none so he submits to the Father. He knows the pain He is about to endure by drinking the cup and becoming our sin, there by being separated from the Father. Oh what a Savior.

Psalm 31: 19-24

We have followed Davids anguish through this Psalm and now at the end God has answered his panicked cry. This leads David to praise God and calls us to do the same.

Proverbs 8: 14-26

The more I sit with this section today the more tripped out I get. Wisdom was with The Lord before anything was created. In fact creation displays wisdom. Whenever a wise choice is made, she is there. You can seek and find her. The more we follow Jesus the more wise we get. Whoa! Mind blown!