3/1/19 One Year Bible Recap

We made it another month!  Look at us go people!  It is a habit now for me, I drive myself insane until I get this written.  I hope you are finding your rhythm in it too.  This is how lives are changed—time in the Word.  

Leviticus 24: 1—25: 46

Alrighty then, coming in hot today with a stoning right off the bat.  Here is what I know about the Lord.  Physical death of our body is not His endgame.  Since the garden our physical bodies are only temporary.  Our spirit, however, is eternal.  That means the you-ness of you will last forever.  When you die your spirit can go two places; Heaven and be with the Lord forever or your spirit will experience a second death (separation for God) and it will go to hell forever.  There is no way around this.  God in all his infinite wisdom (that is so far beyond what we can know), knows when someone is ready for this “Heaven or hell judgement” of the spirit.  In the case we read today, this person blasphemed the Lord and God saw fit that it was time for his physical body to die and his spirit to be locked into the choice he made.  This guy chose hell in case you were wondering.  Now, that is a lot of deep thoughts for a Friday morning.  The OT is going to get a lot more brutal from here on out so I think it is import to square with God on this point.  Humans are so afraid of death that we covet life in this body to the fullest extent.  But this life is not the endgame.  The endgame is eternity and I for one want to be with this amazing Lord we are learning about and not in hell. (Spoiler alert: Jesus is the way to have eternal life with God) Questions?  Email me (nicely)!  sarah@thesarahgriffithblog.com

Mark 10: 13-31

Jesus is still battling the Disciples cultural view of things.  Children in this culture were the lowest of the low.  Jesus says that you have to have that kind of attitude to belong to the Kingdom of God. 

The rich man new He was missing something for eternal life. (This is what I was just saying about your spirit living forever)  He asks Jesus what he needs to do.  Jesus, as only he can, gets to the heart of the issue.  He says, did you follow the rules?  The rich man says, all puffed up, “to the letter since I was a kid.”  Jesus did not congratulate him on this because this in fact it is the wrong answer.  The correct answer is “I couldn’t keep those rules! I am a sinner in need of a Savior.”  This rich man is just looking for the thing that will really secure his eternity.  Jesus is moved by his neediness and loves him.  The one thing left to do is get rid of all your stuff and follow Jesus.  The man’s face falls.  Jesus asked for something the rich man was unwilling to give up, his “god” money.  His eternal security was wrapped up in following the rules and having money.  The commandments are not bad, they perfectly reflect God. Having money is not bad unless you worship it. It’s just that those two things can’t save you.  

The disciples are flabbergasted!  If the rich are not safe then who is? In the disciples day, and ours too, a lie Satan spins is that wealth = God’s favor.  That is just not true.  It is about who is at the center of your worship.  Money or Jesus? Rules or Jesus? 

Psalm 44: 9-26

God for whatever reason is causing the nation of Israel to go through some suffering.  We finish up this psalm today and in this section we see them begging for God do something!  To move and remember they are His people. Look at what they are claiming here.  You make us retreat, You have butchered us, you sold your people, you have made us the butt of jokes.  The psalmist knows that God is sovereign over victories and he is also sovereign over suffering.  This Loving, Saving, Good God will also allow suffering because suffering produces a stronger faith.  Look at how they know their need for Him in this suffering!  They are better for the suffering because they are closer to God. 

Proverbs 10: 20-21

Feel unheard?  Maybe it is because only the words of the godly are worth silver.  

Common sense, you gain it by being godly.  

Happy weekend!