3/12/19 One Year Bible Recap

And.... I am back.  I really did have plans to write while on the New York trip, but seriously I was an idiot for thinking that.  It was all I could do to shower at the end of day and get in bed.  I had the absolute best time with my girl.  I have so many topics to write about over on the weekly blog, so stay tuned!

This is a good spot for me to say that if you have fallen off the wagon as far as reading your bible goes, just jump back in!  Don’t give up because you didn’t do it perfectly.  It kills me that dates will be missing from the daily blog, but that is not what this is about is it?  I have to tell myself to get over it.  (Or have a friend tell me to get over it, thanks Ash!)  It’s about reading His word and developing the discipline it takes to read His word everyday!  It is about faithfulness, not perfection! Grab your bible and jump back in! 

The last few days of reading have been characterized by rebellion.  Rebellion to God’s word and out right rebellion to His authority.  We can see how the Israelites are becoming less and less impressed with the God who has saved them.  Likewise, we see how the Jesus is treated by the nation who is supposed to be waiting for Him.  They don’t want a savior who will come in and upset what they have going.  Let’s pick up the story again today.

Numbers 16:41–18:32

The nation of Israel has seen the Wrath of God because of rebellion and the very next morning they are muttering again.  This is how rebellion starts.  One person vents her complaints on another and so on and so on.  It is a cancer.  So many complaints should just be left unsaid.  What do they really have to complain about?  But God, because of His loving nature serves them another wonderful sign to show them that they need to follow Aaron.  He is so kind. 

God is so very clear with the Levites and the ordinances because He really does not want to have to serve them with His wrath.  They have to follow Him or they will die.  

Mark 16: 1-8 or 16: 1-19–Choose your own adventure.  

Just kidding!  I am sure you saw the footnote over the ending of Mark.  There have been studies, and investigations and people loose there mind over this.  I am going to cut to the chase and tell you where I land with it.  

The earliest manuscripts we have end with verse 8. Most all other manuscripts from the 5th century on include some sort of extended ending.  I think the ending at vs. 8 seems to go with how abrupt Mark is in the rest of his gospel.  However, the longer ending was included enough by early church fathers that it seems they felt like an addition needed to be included.  So because of the discrepancy DO NOT build your whole theology on these included/excluded verses.  Understand that the gospel for all intents and purposes ends at vs. 8 and read 9-20 as a clarification/unification with the endings of the other gospels.  Then, when you get to heaven ask Mark for yourself how he intended to end his gospel.  I am not joking.  We should not waste time worrying about the ending of Mark, souls are being lost that need to hear from us and they will not care about the ending of Mark.  

Psalm 55: 1-23

A psalm David wrote in response to being betrayed by a friend.  Is there any worse pain in the world?  You expect betrayal by an enemy, but the unexpected betrayal of a friend leaves a mark on us.  I was struck by the line, “We walked together to the house of God.”  They were so close.  In the end David does not retaliate but learns to trust the Lord in a deeper way.  God is the only one who will not disappoint you. 

Proverbs 11: 7

This proverb made me think of the Israelites bucking up against leadership.  If your hope is in your own abilities life on earth is as good as it gets.  If your hope is the Lord, life on earth is the jumping off point and it only gets better from here.