3/13/19 One Year Bible Recap

Numbers 19: 1–20: 29

The Israelites daily life was characterized by imagery that taught them about who God was and who they were in relation to God.  Sin = Death.  Therefore touching a dead body made them ceremonial unclean. In order to enjoy the benefits of living in God’s community, He had to give them a way to become ceremonially clean.  Chapter 19 describes this process.  

God tells Moses and Aaron to SPEAK to the rock, but in their frustration with these people who seem to only be gifted with ability to complain, they STRIKE the rock.  Remember, this community is characterized by imagery.  Moses speaking to the rock would have pointed to the fact that God provided the water.  Moses striking the rock points to Moses and Aaron having the ability to force water to appear.  The added layer is they also disobeyed God’s instructions.  We learned with the story of Miriam starting a rebellion, that God holds people in leadership positions to a different standard then those who are following them.  Because of their disobedience they never see the Promised Land.  It doesn’t seem fair, does it? The funny thing is God never promised things would be fair, He only promised more of Himself.  He is perfectly loving and perfectly just so I think it would behoove us to let go of things being fair and trust that God is acting in perfect harmony with His character.  

Oh and one more thing....That’s ok Edom, Israel will be back.......😜

Luke 1: 1–25

God is the bomb.  There are 4 gospels and each one tells essentially the same story, but each one is written by a different person, who emphasizes different things.  All are inspired by God, and protected by Him, but they all speak the story in a different way.  Luke, is my favorite.  Maybe that is my enneagram 1 showing?  It is more historical driven.  Luke has done research and laid out the story carefully to convince his friend, Theophilus, of the truth.  (Theophilus translates to “Lover of God”)  This gospel is also written to help Gentiles understand how to secure their salvation.  Luke lays out the fact that Jesus offered it to the Jews, they rejected Him so salivation has come to the rest of the world.  As we journey through this gospel lets remember who it is written to and why so we keep everything in the right context.  

We totally know what Zechariah is doing from our study of numbers!  Remember? God said to burn incense everyday and that the priest on duty was responsible.  That is Zechariah.  He is just going about his duties, and BAMB! Gabriel is there!  Gabriel tells him about John.  Unfortunately Zechariah doesn’t believe in what God can do, so God starts teaching Zechariah right away.  No speaking until the child is born is the near prophecy.  Remember if the near prophecy comes true, then you can take the far prophecy (everything he said about John’s life) to the bank!!  

Psalms 56: 1-13

David has been captured by the Philistines and writes this Psalm.  The line, “This I know; God is on my side!” leaves me in awe of their vibrant relationship.  The faith he has in God is based on their relationship.  God has faithfully taught David; through discipline, trials, joy, heartache; who He is.  

Proverbs 11: 8

Well this is good news!