3/17/19 & 3/18/19 One Year Bible Recap--two for the price of one!

Two for the price of one today because I had a stomach bug yesterday that had me questioning if I wanted to live to see today.  But alas here I am.  So lets get to work.  


Numbers 26: 1-51

God is proving to us that He is faithful to His word.  He has them count again to prove to us that no one from that first generation is entering the Land.  If you are so inclined then you can go back and compare.  I’m going to assume it is all checks out because I hated math in school and I have not grown to love it at this point.  (Doing my son’s 6th grade math homework makes me want to shoot myself in the face.) 

Luke 2: 36-52

Well, Anna is my new favorite bible character.  I’m not sure how I have missed her up to this point, but there she is today!  Think of this, an 84 year old widow that lives at the temple because of her devotion to the Lord and her urgency to see the Messiah.  This women no doubt was a nuisance to the Pharisee’s, something they put up with because they did not know what to do with her.  She certainly had no money to show off with like they did.  Her devotion was quiet, but it was the thing that put her in the way of seeing Jesus. And when she sees him, she praised God and told everyone who was “expectantly waiting for God to rescue Jerusalem,” about the baby. God used this woman to spread the word that the messiah had come.  Not the fancy Pharisee’s, this quietly devoted woman.  This speaks volumes to me because sometimes I feel like my small life does not honor God.  Like I’m not selling out stadiums because of my amazing speaking abilities.  I am doing my best to read God’s word everyday and love the people well who live in this house.  But then I read Anna’s story and think, “Well Lord, maybe I am exactly where I am supposed to be?” 

Can you remember the first time you lost one of your kids at a park, or the grocery store?  Can you imagine if you had been given the Messiah to raise and you lost HIM???  I just think they must have really been frantic.  Like “Your father and I have been frantic, searching for you everywhere,” should be in all caps with the scared face emoji, am I right?  But the point of this story is to let us know that at the age of 12, Jesus knew who his father was.  It was not Joseph, it is God.  Also, we know why they were traveling because of our OT study!  Remember all of Israel had to go to Jerusalem for the Passover.  

Psalm 60: 1-12

Psalm 60 is a teaching Psalm written by David.  The point of the Psalm is to remember that victory and defeat come from the Lord.  In David’s day, if they were losing it was because they were sinning in some way.  So they had to learn to repent so they could be restored to God’s favor.  

Proverbs 11: 15

I think another way of saying this is don’t secure a debt you are not comfortable losing.  You have to go in assuming the other person will not pay, and you will become responsible.  That is why it is better to just not do it at all!


The Lord has just shown us that He is faithful to His Word because not one person on this list was on the first list.  He said they would die in the wilderness and they did.  God=Faithful to His Word.  I love that the Lord records these daughters of Zelophehad.  God institutes order in families by making the man the head of family.  Otherwise everyone is fighting over who the boss is.  But we see here, if there is not head of the house, the property goes to the daughters.  Showing that they are legitimate property holders.  God also goes on to clarify other situations so that the land will stay in the nation’s possession.  

In verse 16 Moses uses a really cool name for God.  He says He is “the God who gives breath to all creatures.” When I dug a little bit more into this in the Bible Knowledge Commentary it said that what Moses is communicating there is that God is the giver of personalities!  So Moses is saying to God that because He is the God who gives personalities, He has to be the one who chooses the personality best suited to lead the people.  I just love that, and Joshua is the guy.  

Here God goes again, CLEARLY communicating to the people, what is required of them.  The daily offerings have been taught before.  The Sabbath offering is new information.  The offering on the first day of the month become the “New moon offerings”  They are learning these because this will characterize their agricultural life in the Promised Land.  

Luke 3: 1-22

We get to read about John the Baptist’s ministry today.  I love how simple his message is, just do the right thing.  Stop breaking the law by collecting more taxes than are actually required and having a giving attitude.  His baptism was an outward sign of inward repentance.  The baptism meant nothing if they did not live out what they said they believed.  

Psalm 61: 1-8

This was such a good reminder for me today.  My heart is overwhelmed and I need to cry to God for help.  Now for sure I understand that David probably wrote this because he was being chased down by some terrible army and that is not my lot life, however my heart is overwhelmed all the same.  You know just overwhelmed by what I have on my plate this week, and because I basically lost all of yesterday and probably most of today being sick.  Sometimes piles of laundry, dishes and unplanned meals can look like terrible armies trying to take you down, but I don’t want to be too dramatic.  

Proverbs 11: 16-17

According to this proverb respect is more valuable than wealth.  Also, this is the biblical testament to “what goes around comes around.”  The Buddhist’s did not invent karma, God told us it was true thousands of years before.