3/19/19 One Year Bible Recap

Could you pray for my household? We have been sick with various aliments for a month. Now Brock has the stomach bug I had. I told my friend Wendy yesterday that I was really close to slaughtering one of our goats, grabbing some Hyssop (where would I even get it?), some doves and some scarlet thread, to perform an OT cleansing ceremony. But as we have studied that would be totally out of context and I have no Levitical priests around to run the ceremony. So better if I just ask ya’ll to pray for us.

Numbers 28: 16—29:40

God, in His instruction, will always start with the basics and then move to the more complex.  This is also a theory we apply to studying the bible.  Don’t try to understand the complex until you fully understand the basics.  Today’s reading teaches the Israelites the more complex intricacies of the Festivals.  Passover really jumps off the page for me today because I just realized we are really close to the time of year that Passover is celebrated by those who observe Jewish Tradition.  We also realize the significance of Jesus being crucified (Easter) during Passover.  And that is the point! Remember, all of these festivals are meant to remind them of the facts about who God is, and their dependence on Him.  He provides the food, water, protection, the seasons to grow food, so they pause in their daily grind to remember that He is the reason they have what they do.  He is a God worthy of celebration.  

Luke 3: 23-38

Ah, the genealogy.  People have talked themselves out of believing in God because of the discrepancy in Luke and Mathew’s Genealogies.  I don’t think they were supposed to match up because they are proving two totally different things.  Mathew is writing to Jews to tell them that Jesus is the Messiah promised to Abraham, and follows that promised lineage so they will see that He is the one promised all those years ago.  Luke is writing to gentiles to show that Jesus brought salvation to all.  His genealogy shows that Jesus’ salvation goes past Abraham all the way to the Garden of Eden.  (Genesis 3: 15, to be exact)  Salvation came through the Jews, and when they rejected it (crucifixion of Jesus), it was offered to the gentiles.  (aka: the Church is born, but don’t get ahead of the story!) So Luke has to prove to the Gentiles that Jesus actually came to save everyone.  Therefore, his genealogy (under God’s inspiration) shows how Jesus is related to Adam, the father of us all.  Also, don’t get hung up on “Adam was the son of God”….all humans are his created sons and daughters.  

You may be perplexed at this point because yesterday Jesus claimed Joseph was not His father and yet today Luke says that, “Jesus was known as the son Joseph.”  He says, “known to be the father,” because he is attesting to the virgin birth. The virgin birth is important because He had to be born free of the sin curse of Adam.  BUT, in order to be the perfect sacrifice for all mankind He also had to be human.  So Luke is proving through this genealogy that He is the Son of Man as well as the Son of God. People “know” Him to be human because Joseph is raising him, and Mary gave birth to Him.  It’s a testimony to his human side.   Remember, God starts with the basics and works toward the complex.  If this is not making sense don’t throw away your faith, give God time to teach you!  Don’t forget that the Israelites had God leading them in a pillar of smoke, providing bread from the sky, and providing water from rocks and they still did not have faith in Him, we have to admit that sometimes it takes time to convince our stubborn human minds.

Psalm 62: 1-12

I love this Psalm.  If I could truly believe the truth of this Psalm I would be free of the need to retaliate when I am wronged.  He says, “I wait quietly before the Lord for my victory comes from him.”  Could you imagine how different life on earth would be if we all believed this?  If we believe that God is in charge of saving us and being our fortress?  If we believed that victory and honor came from God alone?  We probably won’t see that this side of Heaven because of our pesky sin nature, but we can practice it.  Life on earth is but a puff of air and we, who are empowered by the Holy Spirt, have the choice wait quietly before the God because power and unfailing love belong to Him.  

Proverbs 11: 18-19

This makes me think of all the get rich quick schemes.  The more I understand of God the more I see that He works in the reaping and sowing mentality.  You gotta put the time in, You gotta make the godly choices.  My friend Laura always tells me, “It’s a process!”  (I’m pretty sure she said she heard if from Christine Caine, but I could be wrong, so shoot me.)