3/21/19 One Year Bible Recap

Numbers 32: 1—33: 39

Reuben and Gad seem to want to jump ship, but because they have come to explain themselves before Moses and God (and did not just go do what they wanted), we get to hear them out.  Moses reminds them of the danger of being disobedient to the Lord, and reminds them that first generation died in the desert because of disobedience.  I cracked up when they were like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!  We are in the fight for sure, just when its all over we want to come back to this part? Cool?”  The key here is they are showing their obedience to God by seeking permission first.  It shows that they want to be in fellowship with Him.   

Here is a map of the journey the Israelites took to the promised land:


I don’t know about you but being someone who is always looking for the shortest distance between two points, that trip looks maddening.  It just proves to us that God is about the journey no matter the stops, turns, and pauses.  Efficiency and spiritual maturity don’t go hand in hand usually. (Ask me how I know)

Luke 4:31—5: 11

I love that the reception in this town was one of awe, and they begged Him to stay.  However, always showing us that He is obedient before all else, He tells them that He has a mission and He has to fulfill it.  My friend Kelly just texted me a quote this morning from Lysa Terkeurst’s book, “It’s Not Supposed to be this Way.”  It said, “Comfort isn’t the solution to seek; rather, it’s a by-product we’ll reap when we stay close to the Lord.”  In my human thinking, staying in that town would have been more comfortable, but being obedient to the Father brings Jesus comfort.  Oh,  what a Savior!  

We get more detail into the disciples call into full time ministry.  It seems they have already had the initial meeting with Jesus (As recorded in the other gospels) because they are all familiar with who He is.  However after that they must have kept working and Jesus was preparing them for full time ministry.  At this point in Lukes story they will be together all the time.  

Psalms 64: 1-10

I’m so inspired by the reminder in this Psalm that we are not the ones who need to fight the people who do us wrong.  We can trust that Lord will deliver the justice needed.  All around me there is fighting over social issues, and injustice and it helps me to remember God is going to be the one that finally takes care of all that.  Us all fighting over it wastes precious time.  WE as believers should be spending time loving people.  

Proverbs 11: 22

I looked up discretion just to be sure I knew what it meant.  Check it out:

dis•cre•tion \dis-ˈkre-shən\ noun

14th century

1: the quality of being discreet: circumspection especially: cautious reserve in speech

2: ability to make responsible decisions

3 a: individual choice or judgment 〈left the decision to his discretion

b: power of free decision or latitude of choice within certain legal bounds 〈reached the age of discretion

4: the result of separating or distinguishing*

Ouch, this one hurt today.  Mostly because I got my feelings hurt yesterday and I used anything but discretion with the words that flowed from the hurt.  That really smarts when you know you have done the opposite of what the Lord calls good.  

 *Merriam-Webster, Inc. Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary. 2003 : n. pag. Print.