3/22/19 One Year Bible Recap

I am at another STING event with Sydney, so yesssss Queen! I AM living my best A CA-life.  A car full of teenagers is quickly becoming my favorite thing.  So I just wanted to jump on really quickly while they are having lunch and resting their voices and share some thoughts about the reading today.  

Numbers 33: 40–35: 34

Verse 55 has a pretty big nugget in it that will help us understand things going forward.  For review....God owns everything because he created everything,  God has chosen Israel to be His special people, He has given Israel the Promises Land, the people living in the Promised Land have sinned against God and they are going to receive the penalty for sin, God is going to use Israel to exercise His judgement on those people.  God in verse 55 warns them, “IF you fail to drive out the people who live in the land, those who remain will be like splinters in your eyes, and thorns in your sides.”  So if they do not carry out God orders to the “T” the remaining people, and the sin they exercise will cause them problems.  Problems like worshiping idols.  You see the problem here?  Also God is clear, murder is not ok, unless He is using you as His chastening rod.  

Luke 5: 12-28

We are now familiar with how bad leprosy was for the Israelites.  It caused them to be out of fellowship with the community, it was a lonely life.  Leprosy was also a sign of sin judgement.  Jesus in His loving kindness heals this man.  We understand too why the leporous man has to go to the priest to be reinstated to the community.  The Law states that ceremonial cleansing needs to be performed and the man needs to be declared clean.  That is why Jesus sends him right to the priest, but since this kind of healing had not happened, the word of the healing spreads like wildfire.  

Gotta go!  I’ll catch y’all tomorrow.