3/23/19 One Year Bible Recap

Numbers 36: 1–Deuteronomy 1: 46

One last clarification on the land and the daughters of Zelophehad, and then we FINISH THE BOOK OF NUMBERS.  Numbers is a book notorious for making people give up on their daily bible reading and we just finished it!  In the most humble way possible....Go us!  And just a comment...The last few weeks have really tested my metal on if I would continue this.  The rubber met the road so to speak and it would have been really easy to justify setting this aside.  But the Lord, in his perfect timing encouraged me at just the right times, and I am so glad that I kept going!  

Deuteronomy, literally means “the re-writing of the Law.”  If Numbers and Leviticus are the instruction manual, Deuteronomy is the Sermon Moses gave to instruct the Israelites and encourage them to follow the God.  So lets remember going forward that it was written to instruct and encourage the Israelites.  Just like the other books, we have to keep it in context! 

Moses reminds them of the relationship God build with them starting in Egypt.  He also reminds them of their rebellion and God’s punishment of the rebellion.  Today’s reading ends with Israels repentance.  

Luke 5: 29–6:11

Levi is Matthew, but because Luke is writing to the gentiles he uses Matthew’s name that the gentiles know.  I love the translation of “Why do you eat with such scum?”  It perfectly describes the Pharisee’s mindset.  Jesus goes on to teach them that what He instituting is so different from what the Pharisee’s are teaching that the two are incompatible.  No truer thing has been spoken.  If you think you can be good enough to impress God and follow all the man made rules to be perfect, Jesus’ teaching will be repulsive to you.  But if you know you cannot follow the rules and you can feel your soul cry out that you need a Savior, the Pharisee’s teaching will be repulsive to you.  (The second one is the right answer)

Psalm 66-1: 20

A Psalm of thanksgiving.  “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people,” should be what we lead with when we are sharing our faith with people.  What is so cool is that this Psalm lists the miracles He performed for Israel, but the truth is He has performed miracles for each of us too.  Miracles that ultimately brought us to Him.  

Proverbs 11: 24-26

Gosh I get fired up about this Proverb.  When you are close fisted with your money you will ALWAYS feel like you don’t have enough.  If you are living beyond your means you will ALWAYS feel like you don’t have enough.  However if you are thankful for what you have been given by the Lord, and yes it all comes from him, you will find yourself with abundance.  The amount will not change, the heart that spends it will.  It is a miracle that happened in my own life so I can attest to it.