3/24/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 2: 1—3: 29

Moses is retelling their history to them.  As he retells the story of their battles it shows us that they could not just go conquer any land they wanted willy nilly.  It goes with the idea we talked about earlier, if you are going to be God’s chastening rod then you have to do exactly what God says, to the T!

At the end we get a picture into Moses humanity.  It says that the Lord was angry with him, and he asked Him so many times to let him go to the Promised Land that the Lord finally says, “That’s enough!” This might be the hardest part of walking with God.  When you feel in your heart that you have a good case in favor of God letting you do something, but the answer is no.  You bring it before God so many times that He finally yells at you, “That’s enough!”  You are left having to learn to submit to Your Creator who knows infinitely more than you.  And in those times when you have received a NO, you have to remind yourself, just like Moses is reminding the Israelites, of God’s character.  He is a good God and if you got a NO it is for a good reason.  

Luke 6: 12-38

Luke records that Jesus spent all night praying before He selected the Apostles.  He is showing us His dependence on God, and His desire to follow Him.  

Bible Knowledge Commentary says that Luke’s recording of the Beatitudes is very similar to Matthews, however He leaves the “Jewish part” out.  I chuckled at this.  He was writing to  gentiles remember so he wanted to focus on the truth and instruction of the sermon.

I think we all need to use the truth of this sermon in the correct way.  It says that if you are hated, exclude, cursed, or mocked because of your devotion to Jesus you will be blessed.  If people exclude you because you are jerk, mean, or crooked you don’t get to claim blessing.  

The world will tell you that it’s absolutely ok to get on your socials and blast your political enemies, social enemies, or national enemies.  Don’t kid yourself that you can get on and blast people in one post, then claim you love Jesus in the next.  If you want to love Jesus, love ALL of Him or you will not receive the blessings promised in this verse.  

Psalm 67: 1-7

This Psalm goes with Psalm 66.  Psalm 66 was a Psalm of thanksgiving, this Psalm is a prayer for all the nations to praise the Lord.  

Proverbs 11: 27

This made me think of the Proverbs all the way back at the beginning of the book that talked about how Wisdom is out in the public square, and the promiscuous women was hiding, laying a trap for a passerby.  Searching for good protects you from falling into evil clutches.