3/26/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 5: 1–6:25

“Listen,” “repeat,” and “Be careful” are key words today in our reading.  Moses is really trying to get them to listen.  Anyone who has tried to communicate something important to someone else understands.  

I found something that knocked my socks off this morning!  Moses reminds them of their rescue from Egypt and then he retells the 10 Commandments.  Look what the Bible Knowledge Commentary said about verse 5: 6–

Deuteronomy 5:6–7 (BKC): Verse 6 is crucial for understanding not only the first commandment but also the other nine. The Ten Commandments were given to a people already redeemed (brought out … of Egypt), to enable them to express their love for and have fellowship with the holy God.

MINDBLOWN!  Look at how particular God is in His communication to Israel.  He is already teaching them that the Law does not “save” them or make them right with God.  It is their expression of love for Him because they are already redeemed.  For someone who constantly falls into the “I’ll do this to be saved from hell” line of thinking, this concept is FREEDOM! We have to remember all the way back to the Garden...Adam and Eve tried to make themselves right with God by covering themselves with fig leaves, God taught them that they could not save themselves, and He gave them a covering.  God has to do the saving, we have to the loving of Him.  

In verse 6: 14 Moses reminds them not to worship the other gods of the people around them.  Remember this is important because Israel is being used to teach the “Global Classroom” that there is only One God.  If they fall into idol worship then they are teaching them that there is not One God, but a pantheon you can choose from.  Without the One God everyone is under sin penalty.  Remember, God has to do the saving.  

Luke 7: 11-35

Jesus brings out the big guns today and proves that He is the Messiah by overturning death.  The only person who can do that is God.  God can save us from the penalty of sin. (Sin=Death) This is also the information John the Baptist needed to seal the deal of his belief that Jesus was the Messiah they had been waiting for.  

Psalm 68: 19-35

We read the ending of the triumphant entry Psalm today.  Just because its really on my mind that verse, “The Sovereign Lord rescues us from death,” stood out to me.  I also love how he says, “Your procession has come into view, O God-“ I just pictured them standing with visible anticipation for the Lord to come.  

Proverb 11: 29-31

This is what we should stencil on all teenagers walls. J/K!  Sydney is reading this going, “What!?!?”  But seriously, I know you can see this in your own life, when the chips are down you will go to a righteous person for help.  If you just want to “blow off steam” you go to someone who will sin with you.  I really want to be that person that gives life and is a wise friend because I have already been the person who is wicked.