3/27/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 7:1—8:20

“Show them no mercy,” feels shocking to us NT believers, doesn’t it?  It feels like a God we don’t know.  Like how can this God and the NT God be the same?  We are used to mercy being lavished on us, so when God choses to not show mercy it does not compute.  But, this is the same God.  It is the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Joseph, Moses, the nation Israel, David, and Father of Jesus.  That God HATES sin.  He has always hated sin.  These Canaanite people that He is telling the Israelites to destroy are unrepentant sinners.  They have already had mercy lavished on them, and they chose to HATE God, and love idol worship, immoral sex, child sacrifice….I could go on.  They have now become a cancer that endangers people because it turns them away from the God who saves, and turns them toward themselves and their sinful nature. If they had repented, God would have again shown them mercy.  

He goes on to warn them to “be careful!”  Once they are in the land and became materially safe and secure there is the danger of becoming prideful.  They have learned humility in the desert and God says to hold on to it!  He humbled them so they would not say, “I have achieved this wealth with my own strength and energy.”  

Luke 7: 36—8:3

There is nothing like a woman crying to make all the men in the room go, “Ahhh, what do we do with this?  Someone make her stop!”  Even the Author of Bible Knowledge Commentary said, “The text does not say why she was crying.”  That made me chuckle because any woman who has felt the weight of sin be lifted from her load knows exactly why this precious woman was crying.  Freedom from shame, a Savior who can actually save, unconditional love, restored self worth, just to name a few.  Remember the Pharisee’s think they got this life with God thing on lock, they are sin diagnose-er’s. Jesus lovingly teaches Simon the error in his thinking.  

And because it is still on my mind from yesterday, look at what Jesus says in verse 47, “I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, SO she has shown me much love.”  Jesus (God) does the saving, we respond in love!  She was not doing this to try to get Jesus to save her.  She was not trying to impress Him into giving her eternity.  She received salvation, and loved Him for it.  We must keep this idea clear in our heads!

Psalm 69: 1-18

We get to read the beginning of this Psalm of David today.  He is being mocked, persecuted and made fun of because of his zeal for the Lord.  He is asking God to save him because of God’s character.  This is the crux of life as a believer.  The world does not love God, they hate Him just like the Canaanites did, so when we stand up for God, of course they will scoff at us.  But David teaches us here the God will even save us from that.   

Proverbs 12:1 

UUGGHH! Here we go with correction again.  I have spent my whole life running from and trying to avoid correction.  I have mastered the art of sparing with someone who tries to correct me, I can masterfully turn it back on them.  (aka. manipulation) But God, the God I love, the God I love to study, the God I love to tell people about…He says hating correction is stupid.