3/29/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 11: 1—12: 32

“Look, today I am giving you a choice between a blessing and a curse!”  Israel has seen what the Lord has done for them and the choice is set before them, do _________ and receive a blessing, do ________ and receive a curse.  This is the context we must remember as we move into he rest of the OT.  If we come to a book that says, “Israel was experiencing a drought and got conquered by the ______ites,” we know they have turned away from God.  But if we read, “Israel had a huge harvest and enjoyed peace,” we know they are following the Lord.  

Luke 8: 22—39

Terrified and amazed is the great description of life with Jesus.  You will be in situations where you are terrified and have to trust him……example: “If I respect my husband, like you ask  me to Jesus, in this situation and don’t tell him what he is doing wrong will the trash ever go out again?  Jesus will we get covered up by trash?”(terrified)  “Jesus I am amazed that I because I did not nag my husband but I respected him, he wanted to take the trash out so I would fell loved and cared for! (amazed)  The important thing is that we don’t let the fear of what Jesus is capable of make us send Him away like the towns people in the story today.  On the other side of fear is amazement and  the abundant life with Jesus. 

Psalm 70: 1—5

Today I read this Psalm that asks for a quick rescue from enemies and thought to myself, “Well, I don’t have anyone trying to kill me so I can’t really relate to this Psalm.”  But that is wrong thinking because my need for God to save me from daily ruin is no less than David’s.  Mine is just less obvious.  

Proverbs 12: 4

Ahhh, well that seems harsh.  Bible Knowledge commentary reminded me that the word used here for the “worthy wife” is ḥayil.  I am not trying to bible study—splain you but a few years ago I wrote a study on the book of Ruth so I really had to dig into this Hebrew word.  Ruth is described as a “ḥayil” woman.  Ruth displays strength and honor.  She is willing to do what is necessary to get the job done, she has grit.  She is also morally strong.  The disgraceful woman is the opposite of that.  So what this proverb is saying is that a ḥayil woman adds to her husbands life, and a non-ḥayil woman sucks his life away like cancer.  Ok, then.