3/30/19 One Year Bible Recap

Deuteronomy 13: 1—15: 23

The Lord is preparing them for what will come when they inhabit the Land.  He is not playing with them about idol worship.  The person that comes in and tries to lead them astray is to be put to death, ahh, by STONING.  The whole community was to get in on it because it would cause them to remember to stick with the Lord their God.  

We had a professor at bible school that told us, “The flesh (sin nature) only knows one word, and that is MORE.”  The next section of the reading today made me think of that.  The Lord is warning them about what they will be tempted to do once they get fat and happy in the Promised Land.  Don’t make yourself look like the surrounding nations by shaving, don’t eat animals you see them eating, don’t forget the tithe, don’t forget to cancel debts, don’t forget to be generous to the poor, don’t keep slaves against their will.  These all point to a sin nature that gets out of control and screams MORE!  And guess what?  We have that same sin nature in us.  

Luke 8: 40—9:6

I am struck again this morning by the woman who was bleeding for 12 years.  Remember, the Law said that she was ceremonial unclean and could not participate in worship with her fellow Israelites.  Her faith in the power of Jesus made her overcome all that and touch him.  She was probably scared to death when He recognized someone had touched Him because she knew she had just made Him ceremonially unclean as well.  However Jesus came to set them free of all that and He says to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

And that crowd that laughed at Jesus saying the little girl wasn’t dead only sleeping?  Look what happened, they missed out on seeing and hearing about the miracle because of their unbelief.  Jesus told her parents to tell no one, but yesterday he told the possessed man to go home and tell all his family what had happened.  You don’t get the miracle without the faith.  Jesus is not a trick pony, He is the Savior of the World.  

Psalm 71: 1-24

I wish everyone it the world knew that God cares for us in the womb.  I wish they knew that a baby in utero already belongs to the Lord, and it is not just a collection of cells.  “No wonder I am always praising you!”  If I am honest though, I did not believe this until God convinced me of it.  I did not know until I knew who God is, that He had always been with me.  What a great reminder this morning of all the ways He has always been there, guiding, teaching and loving even when we were His enemy.  “No wonder I am always praising you!”

Proverbs 12: 5-7

Gosh, this proverb goes perfectly with the reading from Deuteronomy.  I am ashamed of all the advice I gave people before I knew the Lord.  It truly could be characterized as wicked.  A few chart toppers would be: “You should smoke, it will relax you,” or “You should start drinking now, that way when you are in college you will have a high alcohol tolerance.” Geeze, thank you Lord for saving me.