3/5/19 One Year Bible Recap

Well I am still sick, but I went and got a steroid shot today so maybe by tomorrow I will be better.  I blame the Texas weather for my illness.  So lets hit the highlights today.

Numbers 4: 1–5: 31

My friend Ginger and I are doing a bible study together and just last week we were praising God because He is the God of order.  So reading through these instructions for moving the tabernacle made me think of how much I love the fact that our God is the God of order.  There is no panicked running around trying to figure stuff out.   You just do what He says and you are ok.  He even assigned specific people to specific jobs.  Everyone knew what they needed to do.  I love our God.  He will always bring order to a situation.  

So I’m sure you were scratching your head like I was at the adulterous women test.  Let us remember that the point of these rules and rituals were to make the Israelites unique.  They were to be set apart from the people around them.  They were to reflect God.  In this case this test is put in place to protect women.  In the pagan world if a woman upset her husband he could claim she cheated on him and have her killed with no witnesses.  In God’s camp there had to be witnesses of adultery for there to be consequences.  And if there where no witnesses the husband had to go before the Lord, not just kill her or beat her up or what have you.  God takes such a hard stance on adultery because he likens idolatry to adultery.  (Spoiler alert: in later books in the OT he will accuse the nation of Israel of adultery with idols.  Meaning they cheat on Him by going after idols.) 

Mark 12: 18–37

The Sadducees, religious leaders that believed most of the Pentateuch but then threw out what they didn’t agree with in the rest of the OT.  Proof that people have been picking and choosing what they want the Bible to say for thousands of years.  You can’t take one part without the others.  You have to remember that it is one story.  It is powerful and living and can change you from the inside out.  But if you hamstring it by only taking the parts you like, you take away all the power of the book.  

Verses 32-34 are unique to the book of Mark.  The teacher makes a profound statement.  “This [loving God and loving your neighbor] is more important than to offer all of the burnt offerings and sacrifices required in the law.”  He was on to the Truth.  Somewhere along the way they substituted the sacrifice for the relationship with God.  This teacher was on the way to believing God.  Remember too that Mark is writing to the Gentiles (non Jews). He adds this statement so that the gentiles understand that sacrifices had there place but now Jesus has come to do what the sacrifices could not do.  

Psalm 48: 1-14

A psalm written in response to a time when God defended His city. It caused the inhabitants of the city to rejoice and praise God.  

Proverbs 10: 26

Well this is pretty self explanatory.  I am not an employer of any workers so to speak, but I do encounter workers at restaurants and I find myself wanting to say to them, “You are annoying as smoke in my eyes.”  I don’t say that because I am trying to be a kind person now-a-days.