3/8/19 One Year Bible Recap—on the road again......

Me and the Israelites are on the move. I am headed to NYC with my daughter for a Chior Trip. This group is all sitting around waiting for our flight and singing, tying new songs, and challenging each other sing offs. So yes, I am living my best Acca-mom life right now.

Numbers 10:1–11: 23

God is the God of order.  He has a plan for the people to follow so that travel is not chaotic.  I love this about His character because it calms my anxiety and reminds that if my thoughts are chaotic I need to go to the Lord so He can bring order to them.

And now, in the midst of a cloud leading the way, food that falls from the sky, protection from enemies, and a grandiose salvation from slavery, the Israelites start to complain.  In fact the word complain is a repeated word in the next section.  We get to start to study how sin nature interacts with God’s law.  The complaining gets so bad that Moses even prays that God will take this leadership away from him or kill him.  God does answer Moses but not the way he wants Him to.  He gives Moses some mid level managers to help shoulder the burden of these complaining whiners.  The Israelites are demanding better provision from the Holy God of the Universe.  The patient Yahweh starts to teach them who He is and who they are.  

Mark 14: 1-21

We continue on in the story that will leads us to the trial of Jesus.  I was so struck with the woman who uses her expensive jar of nard to anoint Jesus.  There is so much going on and everyone is getting ready for Passover, they are trying to find out who is going to betray Jesus, the Pharisees are trying to get Jesus in secret, Jesus is still teaching the disciples, and they are having to deal with the daily needs of having meals.  This woman comes in and worships Jesus.  It just made me think of all the times I am busy doing “good” things, that I forget to devote my most precious time to Jesus.  There will always be things needing to be done.  Jesus reminds us that devotion to Him trumps all of that.  I tell my girls: “If you are too busy to be in the Word, you are too busy.”   

Psalm 51: 1-19

Bible Knowledge Commentary said that this Psalm might be the Psalm most identified with through the ages.  It is the song of the hopeless sinner that needs God to forgive him and save him.  Repenting for our sin should be a huge part of our life with God.  I am so prideful that sometimes I think, “Geez, Lord? I don’t think I have anything to repent for.”  Jesus in His faithfulness goes, “Um, hold on there chickadee, what about (this or that)?”  And I go, “Oh, yeah, I forgot about that, will you forgive me?” And Jesus says, “YES!” Every time.  

Proverbs 10: 31-32

People will leave your presence up lifted if your words honor God.  People will leave your presence feeling icky if your words don’t honor God.